More alleged “Fade” leaks shows the upcoming Valorant Agent’s image and ability names: Prowler, Nightfall, and more

Valorant's upcoming Agent Fade: Images and abilities leaked (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant's upcoming Agent Fade: Images and abilities leaked (Image via Sportskeeda)

Episode 4 Act 3 of Valorant is set to bring forward a brand new Agent for the game's audience. As reported earlier, the Turkish Agent titled "Fade" will be the newest addition to Valorant's unique roster.

Fade, Agent 20 of Valorant Protocol, is set to occupy the role of an initiator and join a roster comprising of Sova, Skye, KAY/O and Breach. Initiators have the ability to set up their teammates for gunfights and have an elaborate ability toolkit.

So far, dataminers have revealed the upcoming Agent's name, role and origin. Adding on to the information, a recent leak revealed Fade's image and ability names. From what has been promised so far, enthusiasts can expect a menacing Agent to grace the game with the release of its next Act.

Valorant's upcoming Agent for Episode 4 Act 3 "Fade": Images and abilities leaked

One of the images that was reportedly leaked on Twitter had the Agent's name displayed with her image. Although parts of the image were blurred prior to the leak, one can get a glance at the Agent's face from the first leaked image.

Another one of the images seems to be an ability from Fade's toolkit, based on its appearance. While the upcoming Agent's abilities are yet to be officially disclosed, Riot Games have been hyping up their audience with teaser clips that relate Fade to the game's lore.

In the days leading up to Fade's release, several similar videos were released of Agents being tormented by an unknown entity. While this unveils the threatening nature of the Agent, it also excites the audience who are keen to try out her ability toolkit.

Based on recent leaks, Fade's abilities are as such - Prowler, Seize, Haunt, Nightfall. Only the names of the abilities have been released so far, in addition to the leaked images. Players are yet to see Fade flaunt her ability toolkit while she takes on the rest of the game's Agent roster.

An additional leak also revealed the introduction of "Debuff," an effect from some of Fade's abilities that creates a trail of the enemy's footsteps for Fade and her teammates to find.

In Patch 4.07, which arrived on April 12, Riot introduced a few additions to the Range where information pertaining to the lore was revealed. An additional chamber within the game's Open Range provides the players with an experience of Fade's ability set.

Along with Fade, Valorant will release a brand new Battlepass, a new skin bundle and several new features with the next update. Episode 4 Act 3 is expected to arrive on April 26, 2022.

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