Valorant Doodle Buds skin bundle: Details, special feature, release date, price, and more

Details about Valorant Doodle Buds Skin Bundle (Image via Sportskeeda)
Details about Valorant Doodle Buds Skin Bundle (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is ready to introduce another new skin bundle with patch 4.07 that is set to launch tomorrow.

With every new update in the game, developers bring in new changes to keep it fresh and entertaining for the players. Frequent changes keep the game more exciting and interesting for the players. For this reason, the developers come up with a new in-game update almost every two weeks.

To make the game more attractive to players and viewers, developers often introduce new weapon skin bundles and cosmetics. All these skin lines are designed with some unique ideas and make the game more colorful to watch.

With the upcoming Patch 4.07, Valorant is set to drop the Doodle Buds skin bundle in-game and players can purchase the weapon skins from the in-game store by spending Valorant Points (VP).

Everything to know about the Valorant Doodle Buds skin bundle

Every Valorant skin-bundle is filled with some unique ideas from the developers team. This makes these skin bundles more attractive for the players as well. The upcoming Doodle Buds skin bundle will be the first weapon skin bundle to have a color-changing feature with every kill.

Here is everything to know about the Doodle Buds skin bundle:

Bundle's details

The new Doodle Buds skin bundle will have five different weapon skins. Here is the list of items for the Doodle Buds weapon skin bundle:

  • Doodle Shorty
  • Doodle Stinger
  • Doodle Marshal
  • Doodle Ares
  • Doodle Phantom

The weapon skin will also have two different Variants as well:

  • Tactifriends Variant
Doodle Buds Phantom (Tactifriends Variant) | #VALORANT
  • League Variant
Doodle Buds Phantom (League Variant) | #VALORANT

Special feature of the bundle

Just like the previous other weapon skin bundles in-game, the upcoming Doodle Buds weapon skin bundle is also designed with a unique concept in mind. The upcoming skin bundle will be the first in the game to have a color-changing feature.

With every kill in a round, players will see changes in the design and color of the weapon skin. Starting with just a simple black & white design, it will turn into an eye-catching one. The colorful vibrancy of the weapon skin will surely attract many players to these skins.

Release date of the Doodle Buds bundle

Valorant's upcoming patch 4.07 will go live globally within the next few hours. With the arrival of the new patch, players will receive the new Doodle Buds weapon skin-bundle in the game's store.

As is customary with store rotations, players will get 14 days to purchase the Doodle Buds weapon skin-bundle. After that, it will be replaced by another new bundle or a bunch of skins from the past.

However, if someone misses out on buying the item this time, they can wait for the same weapon skin to come in their store again, which rotates randomly every 24 hours.


Pricing of the new bundle

Every Valorant skin bundle belongs to different skin-tiers depending on its VFX, design, color, variants, features, and more. The price of the bundle also depends on these factors.

Riot is yet to reveal the price of the upcoming Doodle Buds weapon skin-bundle. But judging by the previous skin-bundles, it is expected that the bundle will belong to the Premium Edition (PE) Tier. Hence, the entire bundle will cost around 8,700 Valorant Points (VP). Players can also buy the items individually by spending 1,775 VPs.

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