Valorant RGX 11Z Pro 2 skin bundle: Release date, expected price, weapons, and more

Everything to expect from the upcoming RGX 11Z Pro 2 weapon bundle in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Everything to expect from the upcoming RGX 11Z Pro 2 weapon bundle in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Weapon bundles make up a large part of Valorant’s overall experience, as these allow players to apply custom skins that represent their style. These skins are available at various price ranges and arrive with different perks.

The RGX Z11 Pro weapon skin bundle was a huge success in Valorant when it was released last year. In 2022, this bundle is getting yet another extension and is going to be called the RGX 11Z Pro 2.

RGX 11Z Pro Bundle hitting your shop tomorrow!

This article will provide an expected price, release date, and other information for the RGX 11Z Pro 2 bundle.

Everything known about Valorant’s upcoming RGX 11Z Pro 2

Currently, RGX 11Z Pro skins are available in the game for a number of weapons. The following is a list of weapons for which the futuristic skin is already available:

  • Stinger
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • French
  • RGX Blade

According to leaks, the newest iteration of the bundle will be bringing skins for more weapons and will likely include the Operator, Phantom, and a Butterfly Knife Melee. It can be expected that the weapon bundle will be bringing skins for weapons other than Operator and Phantom, and it may even include skins for a total of five weapons.

New Bundle: RGX 11z Pro 2 | #VALORANT Includes Phantom, Operator, and a Butterfly Knife Melee.

Both Phantom and Operator are some of the most used weapons in the game, and they are picked for this bundle extension for that reason. Even though the bundle had previously gotten an RGX-themed melee, the second version will be bringing yet another melee that meets fan expectations.

Just like the previous year’s weapon bundle, the new one will feature four color variants: Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow. Furthermore, it will also follow the iconic futuristic-transparent body theme that makes the skin what it is.

RGX 11Z PRO Bundle | #VALORANT ~ Features Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow Variants.~ Includes 5 Upgrade Levels instead of the Typical 4.~ Contains a Kill Tracker as an Upgrade.~ Not a Lifetime kill tracker.~ Whenever you inspect, the lights change color.~ Price: 8700

The skin will surely be returning with its kill tracking feature that has received praise from the community. Additionally, it might also feature a unique finisher animation that is brand new, just like what was done with the Prime 2.0 skin line.

The Valorant skin bundle is expected to be priced similarly to the previous version at 8,700 Valorant Points (VP). However, this pricing may see changes if the number of weapons in the bundle increases.

The final question that remains is when will this weapon bundle make its debut in the game. Riot Games follows a pattern of releasing new weapon bundles with each of its updates, and the weapon bundle will likely arrive with the game’s 4.08 update. In case that doesn’t happen, the 4.09 update will definitely introduce the new bundle.

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