Riot may have teased the first Agent of Episode 4 in Valorant Champions 2021 Grand Finals

Valorant Champions 2021 Grand Final (Image via Valorant)
Valorant Champions 2021 Grand Final (Image via Valorant)

The latest buzz in the Valorant community has been regarding the upcoming Agent. Bits of information were dropped here and there for the players to gather together, decipher and make sense of. From Night Market's latest card to the voice lines recently added to Chamber, Riot has left breadcrumbs for the community to solve.

Now it seems Valorant fans possibly got to hear the voice of the new Agent at the Valorant Champions grand final's pre-show. This year's Championship is almost at an end as Acend and Gambit fight it out in the final. The event is also star-studded with performances from artists like Zedd and Grabbitz.

Riot drops a look at Valorant's upcoming Agent 19

The preshow of the grand final at Valorant Champions 2021 began with the promo for the Championship that was already previously shown. The voice-over is suddenly cut by static, and a figure on the screen filled with lines of code appears. It looked like someone hacked into the promo.

🔻Agent 19 Teaser🔻Another teaser for our next Agent came at us during today's #VALORANTChampions broadcast!Quick notes:- VP-19 hails from Manila, Philippines- She is a Radiant, her powers deal with electricity- She plays a role in the Alpha-Omega Bridge| #VALORANT

The voice lines are broken with static in between, and most of them are said in English. The only phrase in Filipino seems to be 'Lintik KAY/O'. Kai|Qgle on Twitter explains this as:

"Lintik" means "Lightning" in Filipino and the full expression is "Malintikan sana kayo" or "I hope you get struck by lightning" but in modern times, we just say "Lintik kayo" instead.

The lightning aspect reflects in her next statement, too - 'Hope they like getting hit by lightning." This also ties in with the lore where it is being speculated that she will be providing the power source that Killjoy needs to complete her new project.

Chamber's new voice lines added with patch 3.12 also point towards the same conclusion. He tells Reyna, Sage, Brimstone, and Killjoy of a young prickly Radiant he has found to solve Killjoy's power source issue.

🔻3.12 Chamber Voice Lines🔻These are all in reference to our next Agent, VP-19!"...Manila is quite warm this time of year."Theories are lining up quite well! | #VALORANT

The Agent's final line in the promo is - 'I go fast.' This harks back to when Chamber called Jetty zippy and commented she needed some competition. The new Agent is rumored to be a young Filipino Radiant from Manila whose powers deal with electricity. She is also going to play a definitive role in the Alpha-Omega Bridge.

The Valorant community will be excited to learn further regarding this new Agent. The lore of the game is fleshing out well and true, and the Filipino youngster is surely going to be a favorite among the players of this region.

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