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Riot is in the process of creating new Deathmatch modes for Valorant

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Modified 19 Feb 2021

New game modes in Valorant have always been a fun affair for players and the community to take part in and enjoy.

It forms a nice break from the usual grind on the competitive ladder, and players are often found looking forward to the next game mode that is set to hit the Valorant servers.

The Winter Snowball Fight mode has been an incredible success, and the new Escalation mode has also received a lot of praise with its launch a few days ago with patch 2.03.

However, both the Snowball Fight and Escalation are temporary game modes that will come to Valorant on special occasions.

Spike Rush and Deathmatch are the only two permanent modes in the game so far, and both these modes aren’t exactly stress busters. Players use them to warm-up before their competitive grind, and in all honesty, Deathmatch can at times, be more frustrating than Valorant’s standard matchmaking itself.

Hence, it’s not surprising that the Valorant community wants new modes added to the shooter, especially a Team Deathmatch mode for which they can queue up for with their friends.

Fortunately, Riot is working to create one such alternative, and it might be coming to Valorant sometime this year.

Riot in the works for releasing new game modes in Valorant

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

During a recent AMA on Reddit, the Valorant developers talked about some of the plans they had for the game, moving forward in 2021.

One of the major concerns raised by the community in the thread was the addition of modes that will allow players to have the core Valorant experience, but have reduced rounds to it.

Jared ‘Darkhorse4Life’ Berbach replied by saying,

“This is definitely something we’ve considered. There’s definitely a desire for a shorter form of the standard game mode. Nothing concrete to announce here as of yet, but stay tuned!”

Lisa ‘Pwneride’ Ohanian also chimed in by saying that,

“We see there’s a desire for an authentic, core Valorant experience that is shorter than our main game mode, and we’re actively having a lot of convos about the best way to achieve this in a way that feels good.”

However, reducing the total amount of rounds in the core “search and destroy’ play mode was not the only thing that the Valorant devs talked about in the Reddit AMA.

Kyle "tehleach" Leach also opened up about the possibility of future modes which can house teams of different sizes, modes that revolved around a 3v3, or even a 7v7 setup.


Kyle wrote,

“We did some testing of 7v7 and it definitely upped the pace on the game. Some people really liked it, some people thought it made an already chaotic mode too chaotic. I felt pretty neutral either way, but the reason we ended up shipping 5v5 was mainly due to party sizes.”
“A 7v7 would present one social problem: you queue up with your 5 stack between games, and now you get 2 randos attached to your team and no longer have full agency of the result of the game. And if we wanted to allow people to queue as 7 there would be a ton of client work to do and it would have caused us to delay this mode longer than we wanted to.”

Valorant devs are not outright rejecting the idea of having 14 players load up onto the map, but there are current limitations that are preventing them from shipping out a mode that will be able to offer it.

However, Valorant fans might just be treated to a game mode in the future that allows more than 10 players to load in at a given time.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 18:44 IST
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