Omen's Paranoia and ultimate ability might receive massive buff in Valorant Patch 3.08

A massive Omen buff might arrive in Valorant Patch 3.08. (Image via Riot Games)
A massive Omen buff might arrive in Valorant Patch 3.08. (Image via Riot Games)

The Valorant controller agent Omen will potentially be buffed up in the upcoming Patch 3.08, with massive changes in his Paranoia and ultimate ability.

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How the potential Omen buff in Valorant Patch 3.08 might make the agent broken

Omen is best known for his ability to smoke areas and teleport. His ability toolkit includes Shrouded Step (C), Paranoia (Q), Dark Cover (E) and From the Shadows (X). However, in the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Berlin, Omen remained the least picked controller with a pick rate of 8%, as per

Using the Paranoia ability requires a lot of coordination and practice, especially for beginners. Many new Valorant players make the mistake of blinding their teammates with Paranoia while playing with Omen. However, if the buff comes in Patch 3.08, it will make it easier for for beginners to play as the agent. Players will no longer need to coordinate while using the ability as it won't cut off the vision of their teammates.

Moreover, Omen's ultimate ability, From the Shadows, will blind enemies present within a radius. Canceling it will no longer waste the ability and it enables players to easily get anywhere on the map without fear.

WORD ON THE STREET IS THAT OMEN IS GETTING 2 BUFFS:1. Paranoia no longer blinds team2. If Omen commits his Ultimate, he blinds enemies in a radiusPAUSECHAMPPPPP 😳

Nothing has been officially confirmed by Riot Games as of yet. This information is just a leak. However, if these changes are made to the Valorant controller, it will definitely make the agent broken and improve its pick rate in the game and tournaments.

Many Omen mains are excited about potential Omen buffs in Patch 3.08. However, they need to wait until the next patch arrives to see if the changes are really made to the agent.

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