Shroud calls Valorant stream snipers “clowns” and “b***hes”

Should recently lost his cool when playing with some Valorant stream snipers (Image via Twitter)
Should recently lost his cool when playing with some Valorant stream snipers (Image via Twitter)
Pratiti Dhang

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek recently came down hard on some stream snipers in Valorant, calling them “clowns” after a hard-fought competitive game on Ascent.

Shroud is often referred to as the “FPS God” for his excellence in every FPS game and has previously been a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro (CS: GO). Currently, he pursues a career as a streamer and has gained popularity in the field.

The Canadian has been one of the calmer and more chill streamers on Twitch, which is probably the reason behind his success in CS: GO in the past.

Having said that, Shroud has recently encountered some irksome stream snipers while playing Valorant. The 26-year-old won the match, but it didn’t cool him down enough. He spelled out some heated words like “clowns” and “b***hes.”

What is stream sniping?

Stream sniping is an act where players from the opposing team take out information from someone’s live broadcast and sabotage the streamer.


What did Shroud say to the stream snipers in Valorant?

Shroud was in a Valorant match, in Ascent. As the game was taking place, it was crystal clear for anyone to understand that the opposition team had some stream snipers. They knew precisely where Shroud was, and it led to his death in those rounds. Yet, he tried to fight back.

During the match, he shouted after getting shot in the back,

“Oh, these guys are so f***ing boring, dude! You know what I’m saying? This game would have been over. Literally, like 12-4, if you know what I’m saying. These f***ing clowns.”

He tried his best to beat them with his outstanding skills. Yet, the same thing continued. This made him utter the phrase, “a bunch of stream sniping b***hes,” and plead with them to “just play the damn game.”


Shroud finished off the match with a message,

“Focus on yourself. You’re not learning. You’re just griefing. Literally, you’re not learning sh*t. You’re just f**king griefing yourself, your progress, and your little tiny f**king brain.”

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