Shroud jokingly predicts Solista ban in Valorant

Shroud jokingly predicts Solista's ban in Valorant (Screengrab from Esports Talk/Youtube)
Shroud jokingly predicts Solista's ban in Valorant (Screengrab from Esports Talk/Youtube)
Pratiti Dhang

Valorant, developed by Riot Games, has a strict policy against cheating and unfair use of third party applications.

A popular pub star in North America, Solista was banned during one of his live streams. He last had a leaderboard rank of #65 and was a high ranked Radiant Valorant streamer. In fact, the pro players who played against him in a competitively ranked game acknowledged Solista’s crisp aim in the game.

Interestingly, the ban was jokingly predicted by Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, a popular Canadian streamer and former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) player. He made the prediction, a few days before the ban, and appreciated Solista’s skills.

It didn’t take many days for the prediction to turn true. Solista was banned while streaming live on Twitch.

What led to Solista's ban in Valorant?

The incident occurred when Solista, the Reyna main, was streaming on 14 April. He was playing on Split in Valorant, and after completing 18 rounds, his game was terminated as the anti-cheat message flashed up with the red screen of death. The player said that a cheater had been detected in the game.

News from multiple sources suggests that Solista's ban didn’t happen automatically because of the Vanguard anti-cheat in Valorant. Instead, multiple manual reports by other players led to a ban which left the player in shock.

As the "Cheater Detected" red screen popped up on his screen, he indistinctly uttered, "What? Really dude...?"

There were multiple oddities found in the clips from his Twitch channel. There were certain clips where Solista did not click his mouse button, yet his weapon fired in-game.

This made the community expect the use of something like Triggerbot, which makes the weapon fire instantly, as the player draws the crosshairs on the enemy.


How did Shroud predict Solista’s ban in Valorant?

Just a few days before the incident, Solista got appreciation from the legendary streamer & gamer Shroud. He was so impressed by Solista's skills with the Guardian that he commented that he can reach the pro scene within a span of one year.

However, Shroud’s experience in FPS games didn't make him believe Solista’s play was clean. Hence, he jokingly mentioned the possibility that Solista might be banned from Vanguard in the near future.


Edited by Gautham Balaji

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