"Their ego is higher than their skill": Valorant pros SkRossi and modeskiii drama explained after toxic Twitter spat ends peacefully

SkRossi, a Valorant player for Global Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)
SkRossi, a Valorant player for Global Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the heat building up for the upcoming line of Valorant tournaments, one of India's most reputed professional Valorant players, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar has opened up about being a victim of toxicity, one of the most prominent issues in online gaming.

Held it inside so much but can't anymore Idk why but Philippines players are so toxic nowadays especially the players from Action PH , god knows what they've achieved their ego is higher than their skill

However, to everyone's astonishment, the toxic behavior experienced by SkRossi came from another professional player. It seems that modeskiii from Action PH, one of the Philippines' top Valorant rosters, was the player being discussed. Rossi then added on to his initial tweet.

tired of reporting these guys being racists and shit-talking my country IDK how the report system works

In the tweets, SkRossi mentioned the toxic behavior of Filipino players in general, while specifically highlighting the coarse demeanor of Action PH. While Rossi abstained from mentioning the player in question, the comment section didn't shy away from erupting into a heated discussion.

How did the Valorant Community react to SkRossi's comments on toxicity

Soon after SkRossi's tweet, the Valorant communities representing India and the Philippines started engaging in a rather heated discussion. A few members of Action PH responded by saying that they have never made any toxic approach towards Global Esports or Indian gamers in general.

@skrossigg don't remember any instance that I talkshit to you in fact I even ask you to accept me :D.

A chunk of the community felt that Rossi's tweet incorrectly generalized the whole of the Philippines and its Valorant community instead of directing the accusation towards Action PH or modeskiii in particular.

modeskiii replied to SkRossi's actions with a series of tweets, with the Philippines' Valorant crowd backing him up.

sampahan ko kaya ng kaso tong si @skrossigg for defamation hehe nakahanap ka ng katapat

Initially, modeskiii mentioned that he would be filing a defamation lawsuit against SkRossi for his comments.

@STYR0N @benafval @skrossigg we'll see bro im trying to contact his org right now bc im about to spend some money to file a lawsuit for defamation :DDDD

He added on, stating his intention to contact Global Esports to report Rossi's behavior. modeskiii mentioned instances which could have led to the current scenario.

@Vibhhorr @skrossigg skrossi: *dies first*also skrossi: kj can u play retake bro? ty 💀💀💀
@MeriBhiSeemaHai @Vibhhorr @skrossigg ol i didnt spew any racist shit. can u pls cite? @skrossigg the only time i used the word indians in that match was literally at the end of the game where i said i always lose with u guys. if u take offense to that then cry is free bb😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

Emman, one of modeskiii's teammates from Action PH, highlighted the fact that Rossi had perhaps made a mistake by generalizing the situation. Rossi later replied with his own thoughts on the situation.

@UnofficialRoyy @ShashwatPS @skrossigg SkRossi has a big influence and should be mindful of his tweets because he creates this false narrative that all players from Action PH and Philippines are all toxic. He shouldn't have generalized and just kept the feud between them.
@emmanfps @UnofficialRoyy @ShashwatPS Idk whether I have a big influence or not but I do know that I am not an immature kid who cries on Twitter for something happened only once or by accident, you might've forgotten things you said y'all been toxic since the day you guys won against us

The Indian Valorant community stood up for SkRossi, similar to the Philippines' support for modeskiii and Action PH, while the entire South Asian Valorant community witnessed it unfold.

Valorant pros SkRossi and modeskiii make amends

Fortunately, the feud ended with SkRossi and modeskiii issuing tweets of apologies to each other, putting the entire issue to rest.

I could've reacted in a more better way I am sorry…
gg @skrossigg hope we can be friends now sorry for being toxic in game

According to Ching from Alpha Esports, the two Valorant esports athletes hopped onto Discord to resolve the issues impeding their professional relationship. Despite the gaming industry being known for toxicity, it is wholesome moments like this that bring the community together.

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