Top 5 Agents for competitive solo queue in Valorant's Bind in Espisode 2 Act 3

Top 5 Valorant agents for competitive solo queue in Bind (Image from Riot Games)
Top 5 Valorant agents for competitive solo queue in Bind (Image from Riot Games)
Modified 04 May 2021

Valorant's roster of agents offers players a variety of options to approach a particular match. Each agent comes with a unique toolkit and has varying proportions of synergy with the other agents.

The maps in Valorant are also quite different from each other. The difference is not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of their level design and other gameplay-related reasons. So, it only makes sense that different agents have varying amounts of success in different maps. For example, an agent like Cypher can hold sites in a map like Split much more successfully than in a map like Breeze as Cypher’s tripwires work best in narrow alleyways.

Raze and Killjoy artwork (Image from Pinterest)
Raze and Killjoy artwork (Image from Pinterest)

Moreover, there are some agents who are exponentially more effective in the professional environment as they benefit from good coordination. Replicating this in a pub setting is not always possible.

Here’s a rundown of the top five agents in Bind for Valorant’s competitive solo queue in the current patch, which is 2.08.

Top 5 Valorant agents for ranked solo queue in Bind in patch 2.08


Sova’s intel gathering is unparalleled. His recon bolt paired with his owl drone basically allows him to clear entire paths and sites when attacking, letting him spot defenders before they even know where Sova is. At the same time, on defense, he has fantastic recon bolt placements at the start of the round that can pretty much tell his team which site the enemy is going for immediately.

AverageJonas on Youtube is the best resource to look for Sova’s recon dart placements.


Cypher is the most popular sentinel pick on Bind. He has a wide variety of B site setups that offer a ton of advantages. He can also shuffle these setups between rounds, making it very hard for the attackers to push into B sites without getting caught.

Also, due to the teleporters in Bind, attackers tend to take a heavy rotational playstyle, and this requires Cypher’s team to have a dedicated lurker to watch for pushes by the attackers while he executes his shenanigans.


Viper is very strong in Bind as her one-way, area control and post-plant ability completely breaks the map and changes the way it's played. She can hold the shower area single-handedly with her one-way, along with a toxic screen to hold the A cubby area from pushes.

She is also a master at post-plant retakes with her ult and snake bite ability.


When it comes to duelist picks, Raze tops the chart for competitive solo queue Valorant agents in Bind. Her explosives are particularly useful against Sage/Cypher’s abilities since she can destroy their abilities from far.

She’s a fine pick on most Valorant maps but she’s particularly good on Bind since players can send her Boombot and grenades through the teleporters to defend multiple areas, such as helping to defend hookah while being near A Short.


Jett's extreme mobility comes in handy both in attack and defense. Also, with flashes not being so effective in Bind due to bomb site entrances having lots of small angles where players take cover, it rules out Phoenix, making Jett one of the most valued duelist picks on this Valorant map.

Published 04 May 2021
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