Top 5 off-angle spots for Valorant’s Haven

Sage holding an Operator on her wall (Image via Riot)
Sage holding an Operator on her wall (Image via Riot)

Peeking correct angles is very important in competitive FPS shooters like Valorant, where players can take some angles to the next level with agent abilities.

Holding angles is a tough job in Valorant and other FPS titles, as gamers must ensure they are not exposed enough to the enemies to get shot at. Having good angles means getting good cover and enough clearance to attack enemies with ease.

Every agent in Valorant has a wide range of abilities, such as Sage’s wall and Jett’s gliding, which are great for holding off-angles. Any Valorant agent with displacing utilities is also great for taking off-angles on enemies.

This article deals with some simple yet effective off-angles players can use to surprise enemies in Valorant’s Haven.

Five efficient off-angles on Valorant’s Haven

Many of these angles are effective against opponents with great awareness and are very easy to execute. They will help players to get good off-angles along with a good cover.

5) A Long sandbags (any agent)

A Long of Haven (Image via Riot)
A Long of Haven (Image via Riot)

This angle in Haven is straightforward to execute, as the only thing players need to do is jump on the sandbag and take a tiny peek. This angle is very effective against anyone holding the A Long.

Games on the sandbag get a bigger advantage because of the FOV this angle gives, while the player on A Long can only see the head of the agent standing on the sandbag. But someone with good reflexes can still deal with this angle.

4) C Link to the garage on Haven (any agent)

Entrance to C link (Image via Riot)
Entrance to C link (Image via Riot)

While standing at the door at the C Link’s entrance, players get a pixel angle across it to the garage.

This angle will only expose the head on both sides, but the gamer in the garage will have a hard time looking for the opponent's head from their side.

3) A Short boxes (Jett)

Atop A Short boxes (Image via Riot)
Atop A Short boxes (Image via Riot)

Jett, with Tailwind, can levitate atop boxes near the A Short to take on enemies passing through this site. Not aware of her position, enemies can stumble when Jett surprises her enemies with this off-angle.

Jett’s swiftness in Valorant helps with movement to this position.

2) B Site boxes on the right side (Jett and Sage)

Right side of B boxes (Image via Riot)
Right side of B boxes (Image via Riot)

Jett can boost herself on top of the B boxes and get an angle that usually goes unchecked. For Sage, she can use her wall to block off any door near the boxes while boosting herself with her wall.

Both agents are perfect for this spot in Valorant.

1) Sage wall behind B box

Sage with a B Window peek (Image via Riot)
Sage with a B Window peek (Image via Riot)

Sage’s walls can create some fantastic off-angles, and this is one of them. The ability gives her a vertical elevation, allowing the agent to take angles above ground level.

By making a wall behind the B boxes, Sage can get an off-angle on players in the B Window. She can also boost a teammate on her wall so they can take that angle.

Note: This article reflects the author’s views.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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