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TSM Hazed reacts to Ninja suspecting him of cheating in Valorant

Image via Ninja
Image via Ninja
Satyaki Das
Modified 04 Jan 2021, 14:20 IST

Ninja recently matched up against TSM professional, Hazed, in a Valorant competitive match in Bind and suspected him of cheating.

However, the American streamer did not fully accuse the professional, and rather hinted at it. In Ninja's recent stream on Twitch, he said:

"Can someone add the Brim, see who he is? I wanna immediately get this out of my head if the guy is cheating or he is a f***ing good player."

It was then informed to Ninja by one of his teammates that the opponent is actually Hazed of TSM. To which, Ninja was satisfied and replied, "there you go!"

Here's the live stream where Ninja suspected Hazed, watch from the 1:39:17 mark:

While both of them were streaming at the same time, one of the fans from Hazed's chat falsely informed him that Ninja is accusing Hazed of cheating in Valorant. To this, Hazed was fed up and this was how he reacted to Ninja's comments:

The reason behind this reply by Hazed was mostly because of Ninja's old toxic character in-game. While he has now decided to totally cut off his toxic side from his livestreams, the fans might still get some glimpses of his old days.

Another Ninja's recent encounter against a Radiant 17-year old Valorant player might have led Hazed to describe Ninja's comments as dumb and stupid.


Ninja suspecting Hazed in Valorant has led to a Twitter battle. While some of Ninja's fans are defending him for not fully accusing Hazed of cheating, others have come up with claims that Ninja suspects anyone who plays better than him in Valorant.


This heated situation even led some to say that Ninja is a boosted Radiant.

It seems that the fans made Hazed misunderstand the situation, which might have led him to think that Ninja was indeed accusing him of cheating. Had he known that Ninja even implied that the Brimstone might be a pro player, Hazed might not have come up with such comments against Ninja.

Published 04 Jan 2021, 13:16 IST
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