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TSM Myth opens up about his unconventional keybindings in Valorant and Fortnite

Myth and his unusual keybindings in Valorant and Fortnite (Image via TSM)
Myth and his unusual keybindings in Valorant and Fortnite (Image via TSM)
Modified 29 Mar 2021

Recently, TSM’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani revealed how unconventional and unusual his keybindings were in Valorant and Fortnite.

When it comes to uncanny and unconventional keybindings, the video games industry has seen its fair share of weirdos. Valorant is no exception to this fact.

Much like with mouse DPI settings, Valorant players like to tamper a lot with their keybindings and customize their hardware inputs to fit their specific needs.

The TSM streamer and content creator has been one of Twitch's most popular faces, having amassed millions of followers during his time creating content in Fortnite.

With TSM signing Myth and investing a lot of time streaming Valorant, his fans were able to see his prowess in the tactical first-person shooter game.

Myth boasts an incredible sense of gaming and has great crosshair placement to back up his knack for playing Valorant.

Considering his proficiency, many fans have been curious about the settings, mouse DPI, and keybindings used by Myth.


In a recent tweet, Myth opened up about the unusual keybindings that he uses. The move shocked many of his fans and followers who were not expecting such a revelation from the pro player.

Myth and his unusual keybindings in Valorant and Fortnite

Myth revealed that he uses the following keybindings while playing Valorant:

  • Reload: he uses 4 instead of the more common R
  • Movement keys: 2QW3 instead of the more common WASD
  • Crouch: Shift instead of the more common Ctrl
  • Slow Walking: Caps Lock instead of the more common shift
  • Weapon switch: Function keys instead of the more common 1,2,3

While explaining his decisions, he elaborated by saying that,

“Back when I used to play Fortnite, I used to use WASD like a normal person. I started realizing that hitting the ‘D’ key with my right index finger caused me a lot of pain so I decided to move it up. The problem that I reached after that, was that I started using my thumb for my ‘C’ and ‘V’ keys. That just immediately shifts your hand further up the keyboard. After an eight-hour session, it would be crushed. So then I went up again to ‘2QW3,’ and it’s been my home since.”

Myth had to constantly stretch his Index finger in the normal setup to reach some of the keys. However, this led to a lot of finger pain after hours of grinding in Fortnite. Later in his streaming career, and when starting playing Valorant, Myth went with a more comfortable keybind suitable to him.

Being a professional Esports athlete is physically demanding. Fingers constantly stretching and clicking on the keyboard can have severe repercussions. Hence, players in the upper echelons of the competitive spectrum often customize their bindings to a 'different from norm' setting.

Published 29 Mar 2021, 17:23 IST
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