Valorant 3.10 update: Everything we know so far

Valorant Patch 3.10 update (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant Patch 3.10 update (Image via Riot Games)
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Valorant is all set to introduce its 3.10 patch update with a new Sentinel agent, Chamber, and more changes to the game.

The Valorant 3.10 patch update will drop on November 16, 2021, and fans are excited for it as the new agent arrives with it. Moreover, the developers have previously revealed bringing 5-stacks to Valorant competitive rank mode in this update. Apart from that, a new weapon skinline and more new updates are also highly expected in patch 3.10.

This is your quick guide to all that's new to come during VALORANT Episode 3 Act III—including the Radiant Crisis 001 skins, Competitive changes, and RiotX Arcane content. See it here:

The last time patch 3.09 brought the new Episode 3 Act 3 to Valorant was on November 3, 2021. However, the release date of Chamber was delayed by two weeks. Thus, it will now release with patch 3.10 on November 16, 2021.

Things to expect in Valorant patch 3.10 update

A few more days are left for the new patch update to drop in Valorant. Patch 3.10 will bring a new Valorant agent and more changes to the game. Below are all the things that one can expect in the upcoming patch update.

1) New Valorant agent, Chamber

Chamber, the new Sentinel agent, will arrive soon with Patch 3.10. The abilities of the agent have already been revealed before. Chamber comes with a teleportation ability and generates heavy pistols and snipers to combat enemies in the game. Players can unlock Chamber by completing agent contract tiers.

2) 5-stacks in Valorant ranked games

Valorant devs revealed that 5-stacks are returning to Valorant in patch 3.10 during the release of the last patch update. However, 5-stacking would cost a lower-ranked rating in competitive matches. After this update, players won't be able to 4-stack anymore.

3) Potentially new weapon skins

Even though Riot Games didn't officially announce, fans and the community expect the Magepunk 2.0 skin bundle to arrive in Valorant stores in the upcoming update. This time, there is a chance for the new skin bundle to have an operator and four color variants - blue, green, pink, and gold, as revealed by the Valorant dataminer, Mike (@ValorLeaks on Twitter).

Magepunk 2 Chromas | #VALORANT ~ Blue, Green, Pink, and Gold

4) More in-game features

Agent profiles and tournament mode are two exciting features potentially coming to the new 3.10 patch update. The Valorant community has demanded these features for a long time. Players can have separate keybinds for different agents with agent profiles. Whereas to play tournament mode, players need to verify their phone number.

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