Valorant Chamber guide: How to play the agent on Haven

What appraches can be taken with Chamber on the map Haven (Image by Sportskeeda)
What appraches can be taken with Chamber on the map Haven (Image by Sportskeeda)
Amlan "M4DM4N" Roy

Valorant was taken over by the new Sentinel agent named Chamber, who brought a new way of playing Riot’s very own shooter after the long reign of Jett meta.

Chamber is the first Sentinel agent in Valorant to be known for his aggressive approach to defending the team rather than taking a passive one. The uniqueness of the new agent is unmatched and has quickly become a sensation among the entire Valorant community in no time.


Chamber is ideal for those who prefer to play an aggressive role in the team, as he is equipped with trademark ability to slow down his prey, and other powerful self-sustaining abilities to hunt them.

This article will focus on how players can utilize Chamber on one of Valorant’s maps, Haven, which is the only map with three sites to defend.

How to play Chamber on Valorant’s Haven?

Haven-A Site setup for Chamber

For this setup players have to get on top of the L-shaped boxes at the entrance of the site by using the Rendezvous ability and take the place holder from the ground level. After a three-second cooldown, players have to place the other teleportation placeholder on the opposite side which is the A short boxes.

With this setup, Chamber can take care of both the entrances of the A site and take easy frags with his off-angle higher ground location.

However, the only limitation of this setup is that Chamber will not get a chance of fallback if the opponent chooses to rush in altogether.

Haven-B Site setup for Chamber

Players need to first gain a higher angle on the boxes on the right side of the map by following the same method used for A Site. Upon reaching the elevated position, players can place the other anchor point on top of the center box in the B site.

Chamber goes live, 5-stack at any rank, bugs and more. Read it in Patch Notes 3.10:

From his position, players can easily take a mid-peek and take a chance on getting an early frag. If a player fails to do so, they can easily reposition on the left boxes and get a new angle on the enemies.

Haven-C Site setup for Chamber

The C Site of Haven is too open for a proper aggressive approach, however, a simple setup is surely possible when playing on this site.

By placing one placeholder on the green boxes at the back of the site and the other at the center boxes, players can easily take an aggressive peek at C Long and change position to the top of green boxes to get an off-angle on the enemies trying to approach the site.

Even if both approaches get jinxed, Chamber can fall back and replan his approach.

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