Valorant Champions 2023 bundle: Release date, price, skins, and more

When will Valorant Champions 2023 arrive? (Image via Riot Games)
When will Valorant Champions 2023 arrive? (Image via Riot Games)

As we approach another iteration of the Valorant Champions, fans of Riot Games' 5v5 online competitive shooter have been eagerly waiting for information regarding the exclusive cosmetic bundle that accompanies the annual event. The event-themed Collection Bundle is one of the most premium skin collections that come out every year, featuring upgrades, animations, kill banners, and more. The developers have finally revealed the release date and skins of the collection.

The culmination of the ongoing VCT, Valorant Champions, is scheduled to begin later next month on August 6. Sixteen best teams from around the world will meet at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to battle it out for the title of the champions. The tournament is scheduled to conclude on August 26.

Valorant Champions 2023 bundle release date

The Champions 2023 Collection bundle will be officially released and added to the in-game shop on Friday, August 4. The date was revealed on Saturday, July 29, with the official Twitter channel posting a short trailer regarding the same.

The past two bundles were released around a week before the commencement of the annual tournament. The Champions 2022 bundle was released on August 23, 2022, and the tournament began on August 31. The Champions 2021 bundle was released on November 24, 2021, and the tournament began on December 1.

Following suit, it was guessed that the Champions 2023 Collection bundle will likely see the light of day on August 4-5. The official announcement confirmed the same.

Valorant Champions 2023 bundle finisher and weapons

The 2023 Champions Collection bundle will feature the following:

  • Vandal
  • Knife melee

The trailer showcases not only cinematic exploration of the upcoming skin but also various bits of gameplay featuring the gun.

The visuals of the bundle focus on glowing gold and violet hues. The finisher spawns the Valorant Champions trophy above the expired enemy with multiple screens with the face of the Agent that landed the final blow.

The earlier two Champions Collection bundles featured the following:

  • 2022: Phantom and Butterfly Knife
  • 2021: Vandal and Karambit

Valorant Champions 2023 bundle price and tiers

The Champions Collection bundle usually has three unlockable tiers that can be acquired with the help of 10 Radianite Points. The possible unlockable tier for the Vandal and the Knife is as follows:


  • Level 2: Inspect animation and kill effects unlocked
  • Level 3: Finisher animation unlocked
  • Level 4: Champion's Aura unlocked


  • Level 2: VFX unlocked
  • Level 3: Champion's Aura unlocked

Although there has been no official confirmation, the following is the price of the bundle and its contents:

  • Vandal - 2675 VP
  • Melee - 5350 VP
  • Player card - 375 VP
  • Gunbuddy - 475 VP
  • Spray - 325 VP
  • Bundle - 6167 VP (roughly 60 USD)

For context, the Champions 2022 bundle marked a price of 6167 VP, and the Champions 2021 bundle had a price of 6263 VP.

The steep price is justified not only by the unique animations packaged into the bundle but also because 50% of the net proceeds are distributed among the participating teams at the Valorant Champions. This allows fans to feel they are also supporting their favorite teams by buying the Collection bundle.

Furthermore, the skins of the Champions Collection bundles do not make a return to the Night Market. They are exclusive in the truest sense of the word. This increases the appeal of these bundles to fans as they know they won't get another chance at procuring them.

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