Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Masters 1: Start time, Circuit Point distribution, and more

Everything to know about the upcoming tournament in April (Image via Riot Games)
Everything to know about the upcoming tournament in April (Image via Riot Games)

Recently, Riot Games revealed its plans for the Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Masters 1, which will be hosted in Reykjavik yet again. As officially stated, the tournament will be finding its way back to Iceland again due to its favorable conditions for LAN tournaments and Riot's relationship with the country in terms of hosting tournaments.

Masters returns to Reykjavík! Find out more about the next international VALORANT event here:…

The VCT Masters always takes place after VCT Challengers, where players from various regions compete against each other to get into the international stage. In 2022, players will be getting two VCT Masters tournaments, one in April and another in July, to get their ticket to the VCT Champions 2022.

To give fans and enthusiasts information on how the international event will function, this article will explain and give every tidbit they should know of.

All the information about Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Masters 1

Riot’s first international tournament for 2022 will start on April 10 and conclude on April 24. This will consist of twelve teams from around the world and will earn their spots through the following tournaments:

  • EMEA Challengers - 3 slots
  • Korea Challengers - 1 slot
  • NA Challengers - 2 slots
  • APAC Challengers (South Asia + Oceania) - 2 slot
  • Brazil Challengers - 1 slot
  • LATAM CHallengers - 1 slot
  • Japan Challengers - 1 slot
  • LATAM vs BR Playoffs - 1 slot

As for the Circuit Point system, the entire Valorant Champions Tour will focus mainly on international tournaments, which means VCT Masters will play a crucial role. The points system for VCT Masters 1 is as follows:

  • 750 points - 1st place
  • 500 points - 2nd place
  • 400 points - 3rd place
  • 300 points - 4th place
  • 250 points - 5th and 6th place
  • 200 points - 7th and 88th place
  • 150 points - 9th and 10th place
  • 125 points - 11th and 12th place

By earning these Circuit Points, teams will be increasing their odds of representing themselves in the final stage known as VCT Champions 2022 in order to earn the title of World Champions. Before that happens, players will first have to attend these Valorant tournaments to earn their spots for that stage.

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