Valorant community develops AI-powered coaching system to provide live in-game tips to the players

Valorant community built an AI-powered coaching system to guide the players live in-game (Image via u/benm606 from Reddit)
Valorant community built an AI-powered coaching system to guide the players live in-game (Image via u/benm606 from Reddit)

Riot Games' Valorant requires a lot of strategy to play the game effectively, and an in-game tutorial can help the players to take their gameplay to the next level.

Since its release, the Valorant community has expanded drastically, with many players contributing to bringing a better in-game experience for others. A player named Ben Mesnik, with the Reddit username u/benm606, has recently developed a new AI-powered tutorial system called 'Tip Genius' to guide players live in-game.

Mesnik is the creator of the coaching program explaining the game's concept and guiding the players, especially the new ones, to improve their skills. He previously developed a similar program for another FPS title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

Valorant community's developed AI-powered program clears complex concepts and helps in skill improvement

Soon after developing the AI-powered coaching program system for CS: GO, Valve blocked all third-party software the week after he launched Tip Genius. Thus, Mesnik didn't lose hope and invested a few years in bringing a similar system to Riot Games' FPS title.

To that, in one of his comments on his Reddit post, he stated:

"It was a tough hit, but I still believed in the vision, so I completely rebuilt it for Valorant - and this time I got official approval from Riot. This is Tip Genius 2.0."

Several coaches and experts have also contributed to the development of the AI-powered coaching system by providing suggestions and clearing some concepts.

This makes the game easier to play for any player who is new to the game. Players can learn and practice simultaneously with the help of the software.

Further, the creator was also questioned about the official approval of the software, as Riot Games has strict rules for using a third-party application. Mesnik revealed that he has officially been granted access to the API (Application Programming Interface) by the developers.

The entire approval process took over a year. Thus, players can run the software easily without facing any restrictions for using a third-party application.

The 'learn-by-doing' approach helps the player retain more and play the game efficiently at the same time through Tip Genius. Valorant players get direct and quality guidance from top coaches and players. They won't have to refer to any other guides externally while playing the game.

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