What is the new Assist app for Valorant and how to use it? 

How to use the new Assist app? (Image via YouTube/M1ke)
How to use the new Assist app? (Image via YouTube/M1ke)

M1ke, a popular independent developer, recently released a multipurpose application tailored for Valorant gamers. Assist, the computer program in question, is a single destination where the game's audience can switch accounts, check their store, check Battlepass progression, and perform several other in-game functions.

After 6 months of development, it is now released.Assist is an Extension Launcher for Valorant which makes your experience better.Features:- Account Switcher- Shop Viewer & Progression- Discord Rich Presence- Multi-Language Support- Open

Assist is a third-party application that is not designed or endorsed by Riot Games. Although the app is not affiliated with the company, it does use the Riot client to download, update, and perform a variety of other functions.

Disclaimer: This is a third-party website and not authorized by Riot. While a trusted website by the community, players are still advised to be careful when submitting their account information.

Assist app: How to install, setup and link Valorant account

Assist is essentially an extension Launcher for Valorant that players can utilize to simplify a few of their in-game functions, which are otherwise complicated or tiresome. M1ke, the program's developer, described the app as such:

"Assist is made to be an extension launcher that is separate but together to create a better launcher for players."
Assist still uses the riot client to Download, Update, And everything in between. Assist is like an Add-On.Here is the Roadmap for the near future. It is subject to change, there is a lot that is not listed here as I do not want to guarantee anything crazy.


One of the key attractions of the new Assist app is its ability to act as a Valorant launcher. Players can use Assist instead of the Valorant app or Riot client to successfully launch the game. That being said, players should not uninstall the Riot client since the app depends on the Riot client for in-game updates.

Assist app Dashboard (Image via Assist)
Assist app Dashboard (Image via Assist)

Once launched, players can access the app's Dashboard, which is a single destination for users to view a variety of things like their in-game store, the latest articles from Riot Games' official website, and the Valorant launcher.

The second window on the app is dedicated entirely to the in-game store. Players can view the Featured Bundle as well as their Daily Offers on this page. Their account name and tag will be displayed, along with their Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite Points (RP) balances.

Store checker in Assist app (Image via Assist)
Store checker in Assist app (Image via Assist)

Perhaps the most interactive component of the application is its Battlepass progression checker. On this tab, users can see exactly which Tier of the Battlepass they're on, as well as their XP requirements to progress.

Compared to the in-game layout, Assist offers a more alluring design for this feature, providing players with a convenient and engaging option for the activity.

Battlepass progression checker (Image via Assist)
Battlepass progression checker (Image via Assist)

Lastly, Assist introduced an Account Switcher feature that much of the game's community was yearning for. This allows the user to store up to five different accounts in the app, all of which are just a click away for the user.

To avoid the hassle of shifting to the original account each time, users can also assign one of the accounts as the default account.

How to download and install Assist

Valorant enthusiasts can access the download file for the app through GitHub, or from this link. Once downloaded, players will be guided through a simple installation procedure, after which the application will be ready to use.

M1ke, the application's developer, has released a step-by-step guide for the installation, which players can find below to further ease this procedure.


Does Assist affect Riot Vanguard?

Although not an official Riot Games product, Assist was developed while keeping in line with Riot's legal policies, using assets owned by Riot Games. Additionally, Assist is an open source software that anyone can inspect or modify.

Despite acting as an add-on application for the Riot client, players should not attempt to copy or install the app into the original folder for Riot Games or Valorant, due to the probability of it interfering with the game's anti-cheat software.

As of writing, Assist has over 6,600 downloads on GitHub with over 800 members in M1ke's dedicated Discord server. As Valorant continues to grow into one of the most popular FPS titles in the world, Assist aims to be the sole destination for the game's playerbase to keep up with their in-game activities and achievements.

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