Valorant community recommends a commendation system to help eliminate toxicity

The introduction of a commendation system can curb toxicity in Valorant. (Image via Riot Games)
The introduction of a commendation system can curb toxicity in Valorant. (Image via Riot Games)
Pratiti Dhang

The Valorant community has recently sensed the need for a commendation system to encourage positive behavior in the game and prevent toxicity.

Toxicity is one of the major concerns not only in Valorant but also in other online multiplayer games. In-game toxicity among teammates and opponents can often ruin the game. Players often face abusive behavior or sexism in such online games. Thus, games like Counter-Strike: Global Offense (CS: GO), DOTA 2, and League of Legends (LoL) have a commendation system.

However, commendation of players not only reduces toxicity but also encourages rewarding cooperative and friendly players. A Redditor with the username u/kapitan_buko suggested adding “a badge of honor” to the commended profiles, which will add some positive experience and feel to Valorant.

Commendation system can reduce toxicity in Valorant

Riot Games has previously taken steps and adapted to curb such toxic behavior in the game. Although their policy to record and analyze voice communication was most likely meant to eliminate the problem, it seems players are still facing it.

Players often face toxic behavior from their teammates or opponents, such as sexism, abuse, racism, or harassment on voice chat or chatbox. However, some good players try to cooperate and help the team to do better. The two categories can easily be separated and identified in the game through the commendation system, as the Valorant community suggests. Moreover, this would also motivate and encourage the players to play better.

The community suggests that the system will allow players to commend their teammates based on several categories like a great leader, a friendly teammate, etc. Later, depending on the commendation received from others, players can queue with others with a similar “badge of honor." In this system, only the approved players can play together, with no toxic players, to create a healthy competitive environment. Whereas frequently reported players can play together in a different queue.

If the commendation system is brought and implemented correctly, it can curb toxicity in Valorant and appreciate those who try to be helpful.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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