Valorant creative director hits at alternative origin behind abilities, opens discussion on Artificial Radiants

Kingdom Corporation experimenting with Radianite Image by Riot Games
Kingdom Corporation experimenting with Radianite Image by Riot Games
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In a recent podcast, the Valorant creative director dropped hints towards alternative origins for the power of a Radiant.

Well-known lore enthusiast Cynprel had hosted a podcast with David Nottingham and discussed interesting deep-cut factoids regarding Valorant Lore.

Regarding the power of a Radiant, David Nottingham revealed how the abilities of a Radiant grow with constant use. He compared it to the force in the Star Wars franchise.


During the discussion, David Nottingham hinted towards an alternative origin for Radiant, which might indicate that certain fan theories might just be true.

Artificial Radiant: A Valorant theory

According to Valorant lore, Radiants got their powers when they were exposed to Radianite during the event of First Light. However, it seems like there are exceptions.

According to David Nottingham, there is a possibility that all Radiant agents did not get their powers the same way. This new revelation got lore enthusiasts wondering.

One of the plausible conclusions that can be drawn is the existence of artificial Radiants. These are Radiants who didn’t get their power through the event of First Light, rather through some artificial experiments conducted by someone like the Kingdom Corporation.

IOmen might be an Artificial Radiant Image screen captured from playvalorant com
IOmen might be an Artificial Radiant Image screen captured from playvalorant com

This theory could explain the backstory of one of Valorant's most prominent and fan-favorite agents, Omen: the shadow-hunter.

Despite being one of the original agents, most of Omen’s backstory is unknown, including his country of origin. However, the presence of the Kingdom Corporation logo on his outfit does signify a connection.

Taking the theory into account, it can be speculated that Kingdom Corporation experimented with Radianite in order to understand its nature.

Omen was perhaps a Kingdom Corporation scientist who gained his abilities due to prolonged exposure to Radianite. Perhaps, this is where he met Viper and formed a deep and personal connection.

Omen’s allegiance is still in question. There's no confirmation if he has left Kingdom Corporation to join Valorant Protocol or if he's acting as a double agent.

First Light and Radianite: The origin of Radiants

Riot Games has designed a vibrant world with rich characters and deep lore. Each unique character has an interesting backstory set in between the conflict over controlling the mysterious resource known as Radianite.

Radianite was first discovered during an event called First Light, which changed the world and gave extraordinary abilities to individuals who came in contact with it. These individuals with extraordinary abilities were later known as Radiants.

Valorant Protocol agents Image by Riot Games
Valorant Protocol agents Image by Riot Games

Radianite is an unknown element that possesses mysterious characteristics and offers extraordinary abilities to certain individuals. As such, several factions grew to gain access to Radianite.

Primary among them is the Kingdom Corporation, which sought to gain control over Radianite and use it for heinous purposes. A shadow organization formed the Valorant Protocol to recruit talented individuals, both Radiant and non-Radiant, to prevent Kingdom Corporation from controlling Radianite.

The story of Valorant is the ongoing clash between Kingdom Corporation and Valorant Protocol.

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