Valorant data miners revealed new agent's teaser

Valorant data miners leaked new agent
Valorant data miners leaked new agent's teaser (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant data miners recently revealed some of the leaks of the new agent.

The developers have already confirmed that players will get a new agent in-game when Episode 3 arrives. As per the schedule, Episode 3 should arrive in the 4th week of June.

With the day release date approaching, data miners have begun to reveal some of the leaks of the upcoming agent.

Valorant's new agent's codename is 'Grenadier':

As per the data miners, the code name of the new agent is 'Grenadier.' The name was previously leaked in May. At that time some people thought that it was another name for Raze. Now, everyone believes that it is the code name of the new agent in the game.

Data miners have also leaked some teasers of the new agent's ability. In the teaser, a knife is seen stuck to an object.

Cynprel is one of the most renowned Valorant data miners. According to him:

Here's a better look at the knife!
Judging by the setup here, this may be the ability that disables other abilities.

Other Valorant Data miners have also predicted the same for upcoming agents.

Here is the Knife that is used in the teaser.

A popular data miner, Floxyyy, also pointed out that the knife might travel through the teleporters as well.

In the last State of Agent, John Goscicki, Character Producer at Riot Games, discussed the upcoming agent. He also mentioned that the new agent’s utility can create moments where a player must rely on their gunplay.

This suggests that this ability of the new agent will disable the power of the opponents for a few seconds and hence the players need to fully rely on their gunplay.

However, Valorant developers have yet to reveal the details of the new agent. Players need to wait for some more time to find out the details about the upcoming agent.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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