Valorant dataminer reveals more about the possibly upcoming crosshair profile feature

A new crosshair profile feature might come to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
A new crosshair profile feature might come to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Pratiti Dhang

Recently, the popular Valorant dataminer, Mike-ValorLeaks, revealed more information about the new crosshair profile settings coming into the game.

Crosshair settings have been one of the major concerns in competitive FPS games. Valorant allows its players to customize their own crosshairs based on their personal preferences. However, experimenting with crosshairs is difficult as one has to remember the previous settings in case they want it back.

Bringing the new crosshair profiles feature to Valorant would be a great solution to this issue. Moreover, the dataminer discovered that the feature would allow the players to share their crosshair settings with others by using a code.

This will make things easier for the players as they won’t have to change the crosshair settings manually. They can simply copy other’s crosshair settings by exchanging codes, as the dataminer suggests.

New possible crosshair profile settings coming to Valorant

Valorant provides the option to customize the crosshairs manually, and now this new feature will also let them copy and store other’s crosshair settings. The Valorant community has been demanding the crosshair profile feature in Valorant for a long time. There have been several speculations about it before.

The dataminers further mentioned a separate setting that would also be added to Valorant soon. Players will get the option to save crosshairs for Primary, Aim Down Sights (ADS), and Sniper Scope separately in the game. This would allow players to have crosshairs for different gun types.

Players will be able to customize their crosshairs more with the new settings like Firing Error Multiplier, Center Dot Color, and Movement Error Multiplier. This will allow the players to get a more specific crosshair, as per their desire.

The addition of new features in the game will make experimenting and frequently switching to other crosshair settings a hurdle for the players in Valorant. They can be more definite and frequent with changing their crosshairs.

All this information has been leaked by Mike from ValorLeak's Twitter account. However, Riot Games has not made any official announcement about the upcoming crosshair profile feature in Valorant.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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