Valorant devs confirm Brimstone buffs in upcoming updates

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Valorant’s Brimstone has been slowly falling from grace ever since the shooter got an official launch back in June.

From having a 100% pick rate, Brimstone has been falling from the priority chart more and more, as Valorant players look towards flashes and vision impairment as the dominant meta.

Brimstone now sits at an abysmal pick rate, and much like Sage and Viper, he had a 0% pick rate during the North America First Strike tournament.

Image via Image via Esports Tales
Image via Image via Esports Tales

Controllers are not as important in Valorant as they used to be. However, Omen maintains a 100% pick rate because his kit comes with a lot of mobility, allowing him to be rather flexible with his ability usage.

Brimstone doesn't have the same luxury as Omen, and he feels a bit too one dimensional during both attack and defense. And this is precisely why he doesn’t see the light of day in professional play all that much.

His kit feels rather underwhelming at the moment, and it has led many Valorant players to ask for a buff to his kit. In a recent Reddit post, the Valorant community has taken to the platform to talk about how Brimstone does indeed require some buffs to his kit.

Fortunately, a Valorant developer commented in the thread, confirming that he will indeed be receiving some much-needed boost in future patches.

Brimstone is all set for a buff in Valorant’s future patches

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In the Reddit post, a Valorant player who goes by the handle of abzoluut took into consideration that it was the nerfs to Sage that facilitated the rise of Omen as a must-pick and hampered Brimstone’s chances as a result.

The Redditor wrote:

"When Sage got nerfed, the 'must-have-Sage' meta was gone, and it felt good. Then we got better at the game, and smokes became a huge part of our attacking and defensive sides. Unfortunately, Omen's smokes are way better, so Brim took a hit. As seen in several tournaments, his pick rate went down drastically. Sage's meta changed to Omen's meta."

Omen’s versatility mixed with Brimstone's inflexibility caused the latter to fall drastically in the Valorant meta.

However, Brimstone mains can rejoice, as Valorant developer Altombre replied in the thread by saying that, “We agree. Brimstone buffs are coming very soon!”

With Valorant’s Episode 2 right around the corner, players might just get to see some buffs to Brimstone in the upcoming update on January 11th.

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