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New map and game mode could be introduced in Valorant Episode 2

valorant Episode 2 Image by Riot Games
valorant Episode 2 Image by Riot Games
Modified 06 Jan 2021, 01:49 IST

Valorant currently consists of five unique maps which are utilized in four different game modes.

Every act of Episode 1 introduced either a new map or a new game mode. Episode 2 is scheduled to launch this month. Fans are excited and speculating about any potential additions.

Recently, there was a major leak regarding Valorant Episode 2. It revealed the 14th Valorant Agent Yoru and the next act battle pass. However, no new map or game mode was shown off.

Episode 1: Ignition Act 1 introduced the Map Ascent, Act 2 brought in the game mode Deathmatch, and Act 3 introduced the Icebox map. It is expected that the first act of Episode 2 would introduce either a new map or a new game mode.

Valorant EpIsode 2 new map 

Riot Games have been dropping a lot of hints towards Episode 2. Joe Ziegler, the design director at Riot Games, recently discussed the future of Valorant maps. He mentioned that the team is working hard to get to a higher number of maps as soon as possible. 


Valorant’s recent addition, Icebox, which arrived with Act 3 of Episode 1, is the fifth map of Valorant. Other than Icebox, the current map pool consists of Bind, Split, Haven, and Ascent, which was introduced in Act 1 of Episode 1. In Icebox, a world map easter egg has teased locations of current and possible future location maps.

Icebox map room Image by Riot Games
Icebox map room Image by Riot Games

Recently Creative Director David Nottingham teased a deep dive into the Valorant lore by releasing five never seen before images with his year-end Dev diary. Among those images, some of them hinted at a new location. Two images, in particular, was of a seeming news channel.

The time shown at the corner is on Pacific Standard Time. The PST covers the west coast of the United States, which includes Califonia. California is a marked location on the world map easter egg on Icebox.

Kingdom under fire Image by Riot Games
Kingdom under fire Image by Riot Games

However, even though the newsreel shows time in Pacific Standard Time, it does not match the image location. Considering the time zones and their difference, and the marked locations on the world map, the possible location of the image can be speculated. The most plausible location seems to be the island nation of Papua New Guinea in the PGT time zone.

Be it Califonia or Papua New Guinea, or someplace completely unexpected, a new map in episode 2 is inevitable. The real question is which act of episode 2 it will be introduced in.

Valorant EpIsode 2 new game mode

Currently, Valorant consists of 4 primary game modes. Ranked plant/defuse, Unranked plant/defuse, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch. Deathmatch was introduced with the 2nd Act of Episode 1. 

In Act 3 of Episode 1, a special limited-time event called Snowball Fight was introduced as part of the Holiday Event. At its core, it was a Team Deathmatch. 


Ever since the introduction of Deathmatch, fans have been requesting a Team Deathmatch game mode. With Snowball Fight, it is possible that Riot Games is basically beta testing Team Deathmatch mode for future introduction.

Team Deathmatch is a much-requested game mode. Fans are holding out hope for an Episode 2 release for Team Deathmatch.

Be it a new map or a new game mode, along with a new agent Yoru and even a battle pass filled with cosmetic content, Episode 2 can't get here fast enough.

Published 06 Jan 2021, 01:49 IST
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