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Valorant introducing a brand-new city in Episode 2?

Should fans expect a massive addition come Episode 2? ( Image via Riot Games)
Should fans expect a massive addition come Episode 2? ( Image via Riot Games)
Modified 21 Dec 2020, 10:02 IST

Valorant has already got fans intrigued by just scratching the surface of the in-depth lore it contains.

The game has become quite famous for its profound folklore and interesting characters. An official has now hinted at diving deep into this lore for Episode 2.

It has only hinted toward a battle between Kingdom Corporation and Valorant Protocol for the Radianite. Creative Director David Nottingham even released a few images with his End of The Year: Creative Team dev diary.

Youtuber Zakky from VALORANT hub took a more in-depth look and tried to break down the hints towards a new location.

What’s the name of Valorant’s Agent 14?

Some clues hinting towards the new Agwent
Some clues hinting towards the new Agwent's name (Image via Riot Games)

In David Nottingham’s Dev diary, one of the images included a set of abbreviations, which could belong to different agents. There were PHX for Phoenix, VPR for Viper, and KJY for Killjoy. There was also a fourth one, YRU, speculated to belong to the 14th Valorant Agent.


Currently, fans are speculating that this new Agent is called Yurei. It is a Japanese name, roughly translating to ghost. It does line up with leaks hinting at a Japanese origin and could be represented by the YRU initials. However, this cannot be confirmed until the official reveal.

A new location for Valorant Episode 2?

In the first image of Dev diary by David Nottingham, a possible news clip screenshot could be seen. There is a news channel symbol in the upper left corner, which is similar to both the Valorant Protocol symbol and the Kingdom Corporation symbol, along with a time.

Interestingly, the time is 7:52 PM PT. PT is officially referred to as Pacific Coast Time, the time zone of the Western Coast of the United States, including California.

More hints of  new location? (Image via Riot Games)
More hints of new location? (Image via Riot Games)

In a previous Easter egg from the Icebox map, fans have noticed several highlighted locations, including California.


However, the image is in the daytime, so it cannot be photographs of Califonia at 7:52 PM PT. One other notable highlighted location is that of Papua New Guinea. It is located north of Australia and falls under the PGT timezone.

7:52 PM in PT would be 1:52 PM PGT, which would line up very well with the image's daytime setting.

But the images shown are set in a city, a very futuristic one. Following the thread, Zakky speculated that Valorant is adding a new futuristic city based on Papua New Guinea. This location may contain something related to Kingdom Corporation.

It is speculated that maybe that's where Phoenix, Viper, Killjoy, and Yurei go for a siege. Rumors also say that's where the fourth photograph with all the initials, and the fifth photograph with Phoenix and Viper, are based.

However, nothing has been confirmed by Riot Games, and everything should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Be it a new location, a new Agent, or deeper dive into its lore, fans can't wait for Episode 2 of Valorant to arrive.

Published 21 Dec 2020, 10:02 IST
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