Valorant devs to focus on agent balance in 2022

Riot devs plan to bring agent balance in Valorant next year, in 2022. (Image via Riot Games)
Riot devs plan to bring agent balance in Valorant next year, in 2022. (Image via Riot Games)
Pratiti Dhang

Valorant devs recently dropped a new 'State of the Agents' blog, reviewing all the agent releases in 2021 and revealing their plan to bring agent balance next year, in 2022.

Valorant has grown to be one of the top FPS esports titles throughout the year. The developers have introduced a number of new features and in-game content, including new agents like Astra, KAY/O and Chamber. While some agents gained massive popularity, few agents like Yoru still struggled to gain a viable pick rate in the game.


Thus, developers plan to primarily focus on the agent balance throughout 2022, which has been lacking since Patch 3.0.

Riot devs reveal their plans for some major agent updates to Valorant in early 2022 to bring balance

In Valorant's recent 'State of the Agents' blog, they reviewed their agent releases for 2021 and confessed how the play rate drops soon after a few months of the release of the new agents.

Considering the meta shifts and requirements of agents' balance, Riot Games has revealed that they will bring major changes to Valorant in 2022. They said:

"Since Patch 3.0, we know things on the Agent balance side have been lighter than our previous Episodes, and going into 2022, we’re looking to change that. We spent a lot of time towards the end of 2021 looking at how we work, restructuring some of the team, re prioritizing work, and welcoming many new members to the team."
Next Agent Teaser | #VALORANT - Kicking off next year is an Agent who can outpace the rest of the roster, shocking the competition, and sliding straight into the fight.

They further revealed that some major agent updates were already lined up for the first six months of 2022, and confessed,

"Throughout 2022 you should see a bigger focus on Agent balance. Y’all should be seeing updates to various Agents across the board throughout the first six months of the year, additionally we will be focusing more on addressing emergent balance issues faster than we did in 2021."

Riot Games have already promised a Yoru rework coming next year with changes in his abilities. Soon, more such agent updates will be arriving in Valorant to bring balance to the game, depending on the meta.

As 2022 approaches, developers will reveal more about their plans, with a new Filipino agent coming in Valorant Episode 4.

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