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Valorant devs plan to buff Yoru in the upcoming Act 2 patches

Yoru set to receive buffs (Image via Riot Games)
Yoru set to receive buffs (Image via Riot Games)
Modified 26 Mar 2021

Yoru was the penultimate agent introduced to Valorant in early January with Episode 2 Act 1.

With high hopes on this Japanese radiant agent’s arrival, the community was hyped to try out the new agent. But soon after its introduction, the agent missed the mark and fell flat on the surface as one of the least picked agents in the game.

Agents in Valorant have all been useful, in their own way, with various kits comprising of utilities and aggressive skill-sets. But somehow, Yoru, among the others, drew the short straw as his casual pick rate was abysmally low with a 3.1% pick-rate.

However, Yoru is finally set to receive some much-needed buff in the upcoming patch updates.

Yoru to receive buff in Valorant

At first glance, the community thought of Yoru’s playstyle to be more of a stealthy approach than the usual style of duelists who go in guns blazing. Despite its exciting introduction, Yoru had the lowest pick rate in professional matches, with a 2% pick rate.

In the North American region, Yoru had a 0% pick rate in Valorant pro play. It was evident that Yoru was not considered to be of any effect in the game by the players.

Soon after, Riot Games confirmed major changes to Yoru. But it would not happen before the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 Masters were completed.

Shortly after the first major Valorant tournament of 2021 was over, the publisher announced all the changes to Yoru's kit.


Reddit thread confirming the changes

When it comes to Yoru’s abilities, ‘Fakeout’ has been the most criticized. This ability allows Yoru to send out fake footsteps in a certain direction to throw the enemy off guard into thinking that a player is approaching them from that direction.

But for most of a community, Fakeout has been “the weakest ability in the game,” as explained by Reddit user emulatorguy076 in a thread on the Valorant subreddit.

Not long after, rycoux, a Valorant game designer, hopped into the thread to address the matter of Yoru’s Fakeout ability being the weakest. He said,

"We have some changes coming soon and will be diving into the decoy shortly after. We totally hear your feedback on the power deficit on decoy and will be investigating some changes to that ability :]."

Another user replied to the designer's comment with,

“It's not just the decoy, though that is the main weak point.”

Rycoux agreed with this user as well.

Reddit thread explaining Yoru
Reddit thread explaining Yoru's weakness (Screengrab from Reddit)

While a date is yet to be announced by the developers, the community is finally excited to see Yoru receive much-needed buffs.

With Stage 1 Masters in the bags, the patch update is set to arrive in Valorant with the patch 2.06-2.09, as confirmed by Riot Games developer Coleman “Altombre” Palm.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 17:27 IST
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