Valorant patch 2.00 - Yoru Agent contract guide

Valorant Yoru Agent Image via screengrab
Valorant Yoru Agent Image via screengrab
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Yoru is the latest Valorant Agent, joining the roster in Episode 2 - Act 1.

In the first act of the new Episode 2 - Formation, Valorant introduces the fifth duelist agent called Yoru. Yoru is from Japan and is inspired by the Japanese folklore of Yurei. His abilities are based on a stealth focus.

Yoru can be unlocked by activating and completing the Agent contract.

Yoru Valorant Agent contract

Like every valorant agent, Yoru’s contract consists of 10 tiers divided into 2 chapters. Yoru will be available as a playable agent after completing 5 tiers in chapter 1. His signature weapon would be unlocked after completing all 10 tiers across the 2 chapters.

Before playing a match, players need to go to the agent tab and activate Yoru’s contract. Players will gain experience points by playing matches and completing challenges. The experience points are added towards the agent contract progression as-well-as the battle pass progressing.

The battle pass of Episode 2 - Act 1 includes three new weapons skin set. They are the Infinity collection, the Outpost collection, and the Aerosol collection.

Let’s take a look at two chapters of Yoru’s Agent contract.

Yoru agent contract chapter 1
Yoru agent contract chapter 1

Chapter 1 Tier 1: Who's Next spray

Chapter 1 Tier 2: Valorant Yoru card

Chapter 1 Tier 3: Gatecrasher title

Chapter 1 Tier 4: Sharp Spray

Chapter 1 Tier 5: Yoru playable agent

Yoru agent contract chapter
Yoru agent contract chapter

Chapter 2 Tier 6: Dimensional Fragment gun buddy

Chapter 2 Tier 7: Yoru Spray

Chapter 2 Tier 8: Unmasked title

Chapter 2 Tier 9: Unmasked Lineage card

Chapter 2 Tier 10: Death Wish Sheriff signature weapon skin

Every tier of the agent contract unlocks a cosmetic item related to the agent.

Yoru’s reception was overwhelmingly positive. Fans have started to grind through the contract to play Yoru as soon as possible.

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