Valorant devs tease Agent 14 silhouette with latest wallpaper collection

With Valorant Episode 2 around the corner, Riot Games has teased the coming of Agent number 14 in the form of a wallpaper.

The Valorant Art Team put together some high-resolution images for fans, and in the wallpapers, players can see the silhouette of the shooter’s upcoming Agent.

Valorant Episode 2, which is Act 4, will be bringing Agent 14 to the game, and fans are quite ecstatic to see just what abilities the new Agent has.

With Agent 13, Skye, being a more supportive addition to the roster, the next character might just be a duelist.

However, Riot is yet to provide any specific details on the Agent, and fans and data miners are trying to find Easter eggs in the game for a possible clue.

Can Valorant’s Agent 14 be a Samurai?


A large part of the Valorant community and even popular channels like the Valorant Hub have talked extensively about the possibility of a Japanese Samurai as Agent No 14.

As Riot is often known to hide clues and Easter eggs throughout the game and even in its data files, it’s a high possibility that the community may be on to something.

Recently, on 8th December, a Valorant player found that there was an invisible person walking on Icebox. Though the figure itself couldn't be seen, the player was able to make out the footsteps as it walked into a container space and suddenly disappeared.

Also, data miner Valorantleaks discovered a file back in September that had the codename “Stealth.”

Hence, Valorant fans have been hypothesizing that the upcoming Agent might be of Japanese origin and invisibility might just be one of his/her abilities.

Valorant Episode 2 will be kicking off on 13th January, and the new patch will be coming with a brand new Agent.

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