Valorant Episode 6 cinematic provides glimpses of new map 'Lotus,' while Alpha invades Omega

Episode 6 Revelation cinematic showcased (Image via Valorant)
Episode 6 Revelation cinematic showcased (Image via Valorant)

The long-anticipated 'City of Flowers,' or 'Lotus' map is almost here in Valorant, with the Episode 6 cinematic providing glimpses of the ninth map's esthetics and other features. As with most Riot Games trailers, this one hints at small details about the story. Eagle-eyed fans of the FPS title will have a gala time deciphering these.

Since the debut of Harbor in Riot's popular 5v5 online FPS title and induction into the Valorant Protocol, the primary direction of the in-game narrative has been to find the lost city of immense power on Omega Earth.

The developers have carefully weaved the tale through emails, voice recordings, and pictures over the months, and now the newest addition to the map pool is almost here.

Riot Games showcases Astra and Harbor reaching new map 'Lotus' in Valorant Episode 6 Revelation cinematic

Before the cinematic premiere, we could hear Skye fighting against assailants to give Astra and Harbor space to reach the 'City of Flowers' or 'Lotus.' For those unaware, Astra earlier figured out that Harbor's bracelet is an ancient, powerful relic key to a lost city, consisting of the 'Multiverse Nexus' built by Astral Guardians.


While the city was destroyed on Alpha, it exists on Omega. Harbor and Astra feared that if Legion (the Omega version of Valorant Protocol) switched on the Nexus on their earth, it would send a shockwave that could destroy many lives. Astra, Harbor, and Skye then head to Omega to reach the lost city in the Western Ghats of India to stop that from happening.

Along with showing the Alpha Agents' invasion of Omega, fans of the game also caught a glimpse of Sage in battle attire, fighting training bots, Omen tending to a bonsai, Fade gathering information in Istanbul through torture, and Jett, Raze, and Killjoy on vacation in Korea.

Sage's aggressive appearance delighted the community, while Omen's fearsome prowess was fully displayed once he was involved in the training scenario. Attentive Valorant fans will quickly discern that these Agents are Omega Legion members.

To begin with, when we first see Omen and Sage at the beginning of the clip in the Valorant Headquarters, we can see the word 'Legion' on the screen. Furthermore, we know that while Alpha Agents did go on vacation, Killjoy, Phoenix, Raze, Yoru, and Neon went to Raze's hometown, Salvador.

Thus, this is the first time we have seen Valorant Legion and Omega Agents engaging in daily activities.

Additionally, Omega Agents all look different from their Alpha counterparts. This has left fans wondering whether different Agent skins will be in store in the near future. When Astra and Harbor unlock the gates of the 'City of Flowers,' it is quickly shown that the Omega Agents receive a notification.

Omega Agents being notified (Image via Valorant)
Omega Agents being notified (Image via Valorant)

They are notified that the Alpha Agents were detected, and Fade, Sage, Jett, Raze, and Killjoy of the Valorant Legion have been activated to counter them. The five then greet Harbor and Astra as the latter duo steps into the mythical city. Alpha and Omega Agents point their weapons at each other before the screen goes black.

With the Episode 6 Revelation cinematic trailer, Riot has continued its tradition of making audio-visual clips. From showcasing the dynamics between Omen and Sage and the everyday life of Omega Agents to Alpha's quest for the 'City of Flowers,' the trailer sets up perfectly for the debut of the title's ninth map.

The stand-off (Image via Valorant)
The stand-off (Image via Valorant)

While it is difficult to identify what happens after the trailer ends, a few educated guesses can be made. Astra, Harbor, and Skye intend to place a teleportation beacon to bring the Alpha Agents in.

While in a 2v5 situation, it is hard to imagine them managing to do so, Skye is not far behind, and Yoru could likely appear to further balance the scales because of his mask, a potential Astral Artifact. It will be exciting to see how the developers at Riot Games mold the narrative going forward.

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