Valorant reveals Episode 6 cover art featuring Astra and Harbor, cinematic trailer drops tomorrow

Valorant next Episode is coming (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant next episode is coming (Image via Riot Games)

Episode 5 is close to concluding in Valorant, and Riot Games have stepped up their teasers, hinting at the promised new map that will accompany the upcoming episode. The past few days have seen the developers sharing small teasers, with the final one being revealed today, along with the Episode 6 cover art.

Valorant's competitive time frames are divided into sections of episodes and acts. Riot's 5v5 FPS title has already seen five episodes since its launch, each lasting about 6 months. Each episode is divided into three acts, each running for about two months.

The cover art was showcased today with Episode 6, titled Revelation, set to begin later next week. The cinematic trailer for the same is scheduled to premiere on January 5 and will finally provide a clear glimpse of the game's long-awaited ninth map.

Valorant Episode 6 Revelation cinematic trailer premieres tomorrow


Valorant players can catch the Episode 6 cinematic trailer on January 5 at 9:30 pm IST / 5 pm BST / 8 am PT, which will run for four minutes and nine seconds. The covert features several Agents from Riot's competitive FPS title, with Astra and Harbor prominently displayed. Additionally, one can notice Omen, Sage, Fade, and Jett.

In the image, there's also a mysterious figure with bright round glasses to the right of Harbor. As with any such figure in Riot's cinematic trailers, teasers, and other media, players wonder what role the individual may play in the overarching story and whether they will be a new playable Agent.

Valorant players have also joked about whether the figure looks like a beefier version of Chamber and is their counterpart from Omega Earth. They were also quick to note that Sage looked different from her usual self in her battle-ready new gear.

After the induction of Harbor into the Valorant Protocol, Astra determined that the artifact the newest recruit wields is made by Astral Guardians, a group of powerful figures. This relic bracelet is reportedly a 'key' to the 'City of Flowers,' a mythical location in India built by those guardians.

This location is stated to be a 'Multiverse Nexus.' While Harbor confirmed that the Alpha version of the 'City of Flowers' was completely destroyed, the city remains on Omega. Astra and Harbor realize that if the 'Multiverse Nexus' is switched on in the Omega 'City of Flowers,' the resulting shockwaves from that event will have a devastating impact on Alpha, as its version of the city does not exist.

To prevent such an alarming death toll on Alpha, Astra, Skye, and Harbor teleport into Omega Earth. Their plan involves making their way to the 'City of Flowers' and setting up a Teleportal Beacon to create a teleportation chain with Alpha Earth. This will allow the rest of the Agents of Valorant Protocol to drop in.

Given that we don't know much about the Astral Guardians and their implications in Valorant's narrative and lore, it will be interesting to see how the 'City of Flowers' impacts the ongoing storyline. One thing is certain: if the erstwhile trailers from Riot Games are anything to go by, tomorrow's cinematic clip will be a visual treat for players.

Episode 6 Act 1 is slated to begin in Valorant on January 10 (January 11 for India). The new map will likely be featured for testing over the weekend, allowing players to learn more about the gameplay. It has also been mentioned that Breeze and Bind will be removed from the map pool for Unrated and Competitive modes and replaced with Split and the new map.

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