Valorant potentially teases more insights into upcoming "City of Flowers" map in latest tweet

Valorant launches new map teaser (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant launches new map teaser (Image via Riot Games)

On January 3, 2023, Riot Games just posted a small clip related to Valorant's upcoming Episode via the game's verified Twitter handle. The official map reveal is set to take place on January 5. In just two days, players will be able to take a glimpse of the new addition, as confirmed by the developer in their official tweet.

The clip shows three popular Valorant Agents enjoying their food in a stall located in the potential "City of Flowers" map. With a brand new map and a beloved older pick's return confirmed, the Valorant community is excited to discover what other surprises Riot Games has planned for the upcoming Episode.

Valorant’s teaser creates intrigue about the new map

In the teaser, fans can see Raze, Killjoy, and Jett eating at a fast food stall, where Raze encourages Killjoy to taste a particularly spicy food. However, the name of the dish is unknown. Right before trying it out, the latter says:

"What's one more experiment?"

More information could not be obtained from the map teaser as the area is unfamiliar. The stall seems to be in an Asian location, with its name spelled "Haven." Many fans are assuming that the upcoming map is possibly going to be in Seoul, Korea. Some were quick to note that Korean Agent Jett was seemingly the one who took her fellow colleagues out to the stall.

With Split's return, a brand new map in Korea could be a great addition to the game. Valorant could be in for its third Asian location, along with Haven and Split. The tweet did not confirm anything aside from the reveal date.

With Riot Games dropping exciting information every now and then, fans are growing increasingly impatient. A previous teaser, released just a day ago (January 2), showed Omen trimming a bonsai tree with another mysterious Agent in the background. It is difficult to confirm if it was referring to a new Japanese map or Split's return.

It is, however, unlikely that Riot will add a second Japanese map to the game just yet. As such, the new location is still a mystery to fans. The official reveal will likely clear all doubts on January 5, 2023.

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