Valorant Harbor Agent trailer: All abilities showcased in the new cinematic

The impenetrable bubble is likely one of Harbor
The impenetrable bubble is likely one of Harbor's abilities (Image via Valorant)

Riot Games recently showcased a brand new cinematic for the upcoming Valorant Agent. Titled 'Turn The Tides', the Agent trailer featured Harbor in all his glory, dismantling gunmen, utilizing the ancient artifact, and bending water to his will. A number of his abilities were shown in action, with players across the world eagerly awaiting his introduction in-game.


Although it was previously expected that the new Agent would be introduced by Riot Games with Act 2 of Episode 5, that did not turn out to be the case. Various teases for Harbor, then known as Varun Batra or by his codename 'Mage', were strewn about in-game to hype up players in anticipation of his arrival.

There was plenty of speculation regarding the powers and abilities of the next Controller Agent. The community also saw a list of abilities leaked that encompassed the Agent's kit a few months ago.

While we still don't know the abilities and skills of Harbor in detail, the official trailer did showcase some of them.

Tidal wave and impenetrable bubble featured in the latest Valorant Agent trailer for Harbor

The nearly 4-minute long video initially has Harbor on a motorbike, navigating through streams of bullets fired at him from two chasing gunmen in the city of Delhi. As he courses through narrow by-lanes, he neutralizes both threats, utilizing a circular machine that stops one bike in its tracks and a high wall of water called forth with a magical bracelet to knock the second gunman off his vehicle.

The circular machine (Image via Valorant)
The circular machine (Image via Valorant)

The small machine that cripples the vehicle may not be an ability that we see in-game, although a crippling charge does not sound like a bad option for a controller to have. The ability to bring up waves is certainly an excellent one and can be utilized both in attacking and defensive positions to great effect in Valorant.

The tidal wave (Image via Valorant)
The tidal wave (Image via Valorant)

The latter part of the video does provide a quick glimpse at three of Harbor's likely abilities. Besides the aforementioned tidal wave, we get a look at the highly anticipated impenetrable water bubble. This ability was revealed in earlier leaks and will be an interesting addition to Valorant.

The geyser-like ability (Image via Riot Games)
The geyser-like ability (Image via Riot Games)

The last ability showcased in the trailer is harder to discern, but seems to be a geyser-like ability placed on the floor with golden streaks of light. Harbor can be seen rushing towards two assailants with something being summoned between his hands. This may likely be an ability with an AOE.

One thing to keep in mind is that these powers could simply be dramatic representations featured in the cinematic, which may not find a place in the Agent's kit when he arrives in-game. Harbor's expected launch date in Valorant is October 18, 2022.

The Agent trailer also showcased the reason behind Harbor's conflict with REALM operatives. In Mumbai, he and Captain Greaves visited an archeological site that was the resting place of a powerful ancient relic. As the bracelet artifact latched onto Harbor's wrist, Greaves turned on him and asked for it to be handed over.

Harbor called up a wave of water to protect himself from the bullets before escaping. Greaves stated that he had 'gone rogue' and ordered REALM operatives to hunt him down. The end of the video revealed that Harbor has found refuge with the Valorant Protocol as Brimstone helps him escape aboard the Vulture and welcomes him into the fold.

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