When is Valorant's Harbor releasing in Mumbai (India) server?

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When is Valorant's Harbor releasing in Mumbai (India server)? (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant will soon welcome a new Agent to its roster. Riot Games recently released an intriguing poster featuring Varun Batra's appearance, his in-game nickname, and some of his abilities. Fans may get to see a full-fledged Agent trailer for Harbor anytime now.

Riot has been teasing elements related to Varun Batra's epic lore for the past few months. Fans encountered multiple hints and tidbits in-game that provided an exciting shape to the character ahead of its launch.

The ongoing Episode 5 Act 2 is slated to end next week. As popular speculations dictate, Harbor is expected to make his entrance to Valorant Protocol in the upcoming and final act of Episode 5, which will be deployed with a patch after a maintenance period.

When will Varun Batra, aka Harbor, be launched in Valorant's Mumbai server?

According to Riot, Episode 5 Act 2 will end on October 17 (PDT). The new act will begin the day after, October 18 (PDT), as per the common trend. Valorant's Episode 5 Act 3 will be deployed with an update, possibly patch 5.08, after Riot completes mandatory before-patch maintenance.

As popular speculation and Riot's hints dictate, Harbor is expected to make his entrance to Valorant Protocol in Episode 5 Act 3. For the Mumbai server, Act 2 will end on October 18, sometime in IST. Patch 5.08 will be deployed on October 19, thus kickstarting a new act and adding Varun Batra to Valorant's roster.

The upcoming patch, 5.08, will be big, just like previous content updates hosting a new agent or a map. Apart from Harbor, the patch will also add a new battlepass and weapon collection for players to grab. It may also include other changes related to agents and maps and come with bug fixes and necessary improvements.

Riot Games is yet to release a trailer for Harbor, giving fans closure on his lore. Moreover, players are yet to know details regarding his abilities, apart from him being a Controller Agent and honing the power of Water.

It's been over a year since the Controller class received a new Agent. With the newest addition to the roster, the Controller class will sport 5 Agents, namely Viper, Omen, Harbor, Brimstone, and Astra.

The much-awaited addition will also provoke massive changes in the game's meta, especially for the latest map, Pearl. The underwater map features an unconventional design that is very difficult to control with smoke, and Batra's abilities may serve as a proper fix.

Viper's Toxic Screen and Pit cover large areas, letting players enjoy more control while making it difficult for their opponents to aggress. Unfortunately, Omen, Astra, and Brimstone aren't as popular as Viper, owing to the versatile support that the latter can provide to her team.

Harbor can mitigate the power Viper has in the current in-game meta. He will reportedly sport a wall of water similar to Viper's Toxic Screen, which may make him popular among Viper mains.

Harbor's poster reveals also gave fans a glimpse of what his smoke may look like. Some have pointed out that Harbor's smoke may be impenetrable to bullets under certain circumstances. However, such an ability may be too powerful to be true in Valorant.

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