Valorant files hint at new gameplay mechanics that could lead to a third limited-time mode

Valorant files hint at new gameplay mechanics (Image by Riot Games)
Valorant files hint at new gameplay mechanics (Image by Riot Games)
Suryadeepto Sengupta

Recent data mining results have hinted towards possible new gameplay mechanics that could lead to a new limited-time mode in Valorant.

With the recent update of patch 2.08, Valorant introduced the third act of Episode 2. It now includes a new Battlepass, the fresh Forsaken Collection, and the latest map, Breeze.

And in a recent data-mining study, mentions of gameplay mechanics such as downed and revived were discovered.


These newly discovered gameplay mechanics could possibly lead to a third limited-time Valorant game mode, following Snowball Fight and Escalation.

New gameplay mechanics feature in Valorant

Mentions of the downed and revived gameplay feature were discovered by the popular Valorant leaker and data miner, ValorLeaks. His finding not only contained mentions of downed and revived but also contained information regarding the different parameters.

The discovered parameters are:

  • Downed health: 100HP
  • Max Downed Time: 15 Seconds
  • After revival, player health will be at 50HP
  • Players can be revived from a distance of 2 meter
  • When a player gets near a downed player, he will see a “REVIVE,” and while reviving, he will see a “REVIVING”
  • Reviving takes 2 seconds

The recent discovery has allowed fans to speculate about the possibility of a new Valorant game mode.

Possibility of a new limited-time game mode in Valorant

The possible new gameplay mechanics discovered via data mining might be coming to Valorant soon, but in what capacity is a question that can only be speculated.

Adding new mechanics to the current mode can alter essential gameplay and might throw the delicate balance of competitive rankings off. Hence, any new gameplay mechanics seem preferable for the new gameplay mode.

Riot Games has included special limited-time game modes that put a different spin on the essential competitive formula. Snowball Fight, the first limited-time game mode released in December 2020, allowed players to engage in a Team Deathmarch-style mode with a winter and Christmas theme.

Riot also introduced Escalation, another limited-time game mode, in February in Valorant, allowing players to play around with progress through different tiers of weapons.

Even though the downed-revive gameplay mechanics are most commonly associated with popular Battle Royal games such as PUBG, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone, it might not be possible Valorant in the near future.

Developing a BR game requires lots of development resources, including creating a massive map to accommodate a Battle Royal. The developers at Riot are currently dedicated to building on the core 5v5 gameplay mechanics before diverting them into a different genre.

However, the new game mode might be coming soon to Valorant, as the files were added with Episode 2 Act 3.

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