Valorant gives a sneak-peek into Phoenix's room, shows huge collection of sneakers and what looks like "Switchstation 7"

Valorant gives a sneak-peek to Phoenix's room, revealing more about his backstory (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant gives a sneak-peek to Phoenix's room, revealing more about his backstory (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant Duelist Phoenix has fire-ability and remains one of the most popular agents portrayed in most cinematic videos.

Apart from the competitive play, the game is developed on strong lore. Every agent in the Riot Games' tactical shooter has a backstory. Similarly, Phoenix also has a story that seeks the fans' interest.

Since the beta, the agent has been a part of the game and hails from the United Kingdom. Recently, there were various clips and images of Phoenix's room on the official Twitter page of Valorant. The posts give fans a clear view of the agent's lifestyle and room.

Valorant's Phoenix has an obsession with sneakers and is an amid gamer with talent in dramatic arts

Phoenix potentially lives in a remodeled fire station in Peckham. The British duelist agent is a big fan of sneakers. He has a vast collection of shoes in one corner of his room.

Apart from that, he has his logo on his washroom door. The clips also reveal Phoenix to be an amid gamer and has also copped the Switchstation 7. He also wore the shirt in the WARM UP cinematic video on the bed.

Another clip of his house gives a glimpse of his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The famous lore enthusiast Cynprel stated that it portrays "fruity loops." Phoenix has also got some posters of his plays. The agent is a student of Performing Arts and has talent from the dramatic arts, as was previously stated by David "Riot KingKut" Nottingham, Creative Director of Valorant.

Moreover, he also has a picture of the Rugby team on his wall. He might have been a part of the squad as well. The desk also has a Spike Rush can with some gun buddies. Nevertheless, Phoenix has multiple talents, as the various items in this room reveal.

The community is communing with a lot of speculation, as the clips reveal a lot about Duelist's daily life, hobbies, and other minute details that the community and fans were unaware of. This also helps develop the current Valotant lore by providing more information about the backstory of each agent.

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