Valorant's latest "WARM UP" cinematic reveals how Agents are preparing before visiting Earth-2

Phoenix training before facing Earth-2 (Image via Riot Games)
Phoenix training before facing Earth-2 (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's latest cinematic, titled “WARM UP,” is meant to initiate Episode 4 of the game. The story is set in the Agents' Headquarters and gives a sneak peek at how they are practicing before making a visit to Earth-2.

Since Valorant is a live service, there are limitations on giving the players some context on the in-game story. And yet, Riot Games does an excellent job at telling stories through its cinematic videos.

The developers have always been very thoughtful when they bring about any cinematic video to help build the universe to which their games belong. This has been observed ever since their trailers surrounding League of Legends, and has continued onwards with their shooter game as well.

Valorant’s latest cinematic for Episode 4 showcases the competitive nature and synergy of the Agents


The competitive nature of the Agents is a reflection of the game itself. The cinematic starts with KAY/O and Phoenix trying to figure out who is better, and decide to settle it by playing another game. In response to this, Raze and Killjoy, who are known for building stuff in the game, take up the challenge of building a robot that has the ability to counter everyone.

The entire cinematic revolves around how every Agent fails to take on the robot, while Yoru enjoys himself as he keeps winning bets against Jett.

After every Agent takes their attempt at defeating the robot and getting beaten countless times, Cypher drops a wisdom bomb by saying, “winning requires sacrifice.” Going forward, all the members of the Valorant Protocol take on the robot together and showcase the synergy between every Agent.

Even though the team manages to take on the robot, it gets interrupted by Sage who builds a wall and captures the robot, in order to rally up the team.

The entire cinematic ends with every Agent going for a mission with Brimstone, and of course, continuing the meme of Cypher getting killed in every cinematic released by Riot Games.

What happens next for these Agents is still a mystery, but it will surely get revealed with the next Agent cinematic trailer that Riot Games will release in the future.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan