Valorant's Yoru rework might be delayed towards end of Episode 4

A leaker has news about the Yoru reworks (Image via Sportskeeda)
A leaker has news about the Yoru reworks (Image via Sportskeeda)

Yoru has probably faced the worst fate in Valorant regarding pick rates and functional usage in the game’s competitive environment.

The Yoru rework has been one of the most anticipated changes among fans because of his consistently poor performance throughout the seasons. However, with Episode 4, Riot Games has promised to fix this Agent’s flaws and give him a new life.

Yoru’s rework has previously been demonstrated through work-in-progress footage, and the developers might be making their move to bring these tweaks to life soon with Episode 4. However, the only problem is that it is not known when precisely these changes will arrive.

Yoru rework coming to Valorant in Episode 4

Mike Valorleaks added a tweet addressing common questions that the leaker usually gets. In that, Mike first answered when Yoru would be arriving in-game, saying:

“Later this episode, nothing now.”

So fans can expect the Yoru rework coming with Episode 4, but certainly not with Act 1.

Answers to common questions I've been seeing:Yoru Rework: Later this episode, nothing now.Agent Changes: After this patch, agent changes should come after an agent release as devs need time to balance neon if needed.Tournament Mode: Possibly in EP4? Still in development.

Mike also added that Agent adjustments would be included in a later patch for Episode 4, when developers determine whether Neon needs balancing or not. After her reveal, gamers have already felt that Neon might be too powerful, but nothing can be said until she arrives.

Deathmatch Changes: Haven't heard of anything.Replay System: The same case as Tournament Mode, still in development.

Coming to community concerns, Deathmatch has also faced much criticism for a long time, but Mike said that he had heard no words of change.

The leaker even mentioned the progress on the Tournament Mode and Replay System and said they are not ready and still in development.

Don't ask about game modes, I have no idea what is going on with that team. They have been silent for too long, so I'm expecting to get a gamemode at least within Act 1 of EP4

Mike has also clarified concerns regarding game modes, and he said the following in his tweet:

“They have been silent for too long, so I’m expecting to get a game mode at least within Act 1 of EP4.”

The leaker said this about the title’s game mode development team, and players can expect a new game mode coming with Episode 4.

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