Valorant might be partnering up with Amazon for its first interactive Live Event - WWFEST

Image by Riot Games
Image by Riot Games

Valorant has teamed up with Amazon's Crown Channel to organise the WWFest Live Event on 15th January 2021.

Valorant is a recent release by Riot Games, and with every passing day, its popularity seems to be rising. The year 2020 started with a worldwide pandemic, and it has forced people to be connected only via digital means.

However, Riot Games shook hands with The Crown Channel, and has come up with an idea to bring people closer, virtually.

A Valorant Live Event, called the WWFEST, is now around the corner. It aims at blending the physical and digital worlds to produce an event uniting gamers, musicians and artists, all on one platform, to thereby kick 2021 off in a better way.

A recent video by the VALORANT Hub on Youtube, dug deeper into what might happen at this hyped event.


On 8th December 2020, The Valorant Patch Notes 1.14 wasn't the only thing that was announced by Valorant producers. The official Valorant Twitter handle came up with the following tweet too:

What does Amazon have to do with Valorant?

Amazon might be partnering with Riot Games to fulfil the need of resources for the upcoming Live Event.

Crown Channel, which is an initiative undertaken by Amazon, is an interactive platform on Twitch that helps fans to get into the action of their favorite streamers.

It is a known fact that Amazon is keen on expanding their services, having started with Amazon Books, to dominating the online retailing platform. It seems that they are now focused on providing a platform for gamers and streamers to get into the market of esports.

With Twitch having already gained trust from producers in the gaming market, including Riot Games, it would likely be an easy job for both parties to make a virtual live event happen.

What to expect at WWFEST?

As mentioned in the link that was being talked about earlier,

"Each hour of the six-hour show will feature creative elements that channel the personality and vibe of each Agent. So grab your squad, pick your Agent, and mark your calendars for an epic celebration of music, art and gaming"

This could mean each user would have personalized control over the viewing angles that they want to watch from. Each of the six agents of Valorant will be portraying their own story and cultural performances, and users will be free to choose between any of those.

With Amazon by their side, this event might also introduce new interactive features to Twitch, that could let users explore the event in an unprecedented manner.

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