Valorant might have revealed some information about Agent 8 in new "WARM UP" cinematic

Information of new agent in new cinematic trailer (Image via Riot)
Information of new agent in new cinematic trailer (Image via Riot)

Valorant might have revealed some details about Agent 8 in their latest cinematic trailer, "WARM UP.”

Valorant Episode 4 Disruption Act I is finally live in all regions with the arrival of patch 4.0 today. With the new episode, developers have made a lot of changes to the game with the introduction of new agent Neon. The Filipino agent has joined Valorant's duelist roster alongside Reyna, Jett, Raze, Phoenix, and Yoru.

With the new episode, Riot has recently released their new cinematic trailer, "WARM UP.” The developers have teased several upcoming items in the game, including Agents, Maps, and more.


Valorant devs confirm Agent 8 will be introduced once they are "back"

Valorant's unique combination of Agents' abilities and gunplay has been the main reason behind the game's success. To make the game's universe more interesting, developers have made up stories for all agents, maps and other items in the game. From the lore, players can learn about agents' journey, past-life and other information.

In the cinematic trailer, Phoenix was seen while using his locker, which was numbered as 09. However, the tag on locker number 08 was seen scratched out.

Data miners believe this indicates the current unavailability of the agent in the game's lore. Riot devs were asked regarding the status of the agent in the game. In reply, the developers said:

"Agents can die, but so far (in our lore) no one has."

They also confirmed that the agent will be introduced to the game once they are 'back'. However, no one knows about their existence in the game currently.

Riot has confirmed nothing regarding the upcoming agent. It would be interesting to see what the devs come up with regarding the new agent in the future.

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