Valorant: Omen disabled in matchmaking after players start to exploit a game-breaking bug

Omen Teleport exploit on Bind in Valorant (Image credits: Dylbobz)

To those unaware of the current escalating situation with Omen and his Shadow Step ability, let us get you up to speed.

After Valorant patch 1.07, the servers have been seeing a bug where Omen was able to teleport out of the spawn barriers and even be invincible if his ultimate is used in a certain way. The Omen players in Valorant were exploiting this the most on Bind, where they would just have to invest 100 credits to have a massive advantage over the enemy.

Teleporting through the spawn barrier during the buy phase is just game-breaking, to put it lightly, and Riot took the right step of disabling Omen before they come up with a hotfix for the problem in Valorant.

Moreover, the pre-round exploit was not the only thing that was making Omen the most broken Agent on the map. He even came with an invincibility exploit, which was only activated after he used his ultimate in a certain way.


By the end of a round, if the Omen player uses the ultimate at the right time, then Omen will spawn at the location with the invincible trait. And no amount of firepower or Raze ultimates will be able to take him down after that.

Valorant is planning a swift hotfix for Omen

Initially, Riot had thought that the problem was with the Valorant patch and map, but they soon found out that the core issue was with Omen himself.

In a recent Tweet, they said, "We're deploying a hotfix to 1.07 regions (NA/BR/LATAM) for the Omen teleporting-through-barriers bug. Fixed the immortal Omen (health, not rank) bug last night. If all is well, we'll ship this stable patch to APAC/OCE regions this afternoon and EU/TR/CIS regions tonight (PT time)"

In a follow-up tweet, they even went onto say, "What we thought was a map bug for Omen teleporting past the spawn barriers is an issue with Omen [not with the maps], so we're disabling him until we have a real fix."

And it was after this that they decided to disable Omen from Valorant's match-making, and players will have to wait for a hotfix to be able to play the Agent again.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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