Valorant Patch 3.05: Recent changes to Killjoy Turret ability can affect competitive meta

Recent changes Killjoy's Turret (E) ability can bring drastic changes to her pick rate
Recent changes Killjoy's Turret (E) ability can bring drastic changes to her pick rate

Valorant patch 3.05 brought a major change to Killjoy's current (E) ability, which can affect the competitive meta.

Valorant patch 3.05, dropped with a new map, Fracture and a new Episode 3 Act 2 battlepass. At the same time, several agents like Breach, Brimstone, Killjoy, Sova, and Raze have received some major changes to their abilities.


The German Sentinel agent's Turret ability received a massive reduction in its bullet tagging intensity. Turret ability slows down the enemies' movement once it hits them. However, in patch 3.05, Killjoy's 72.5% slow down has been drastically reduced to 29.5% slow.

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How the recent Killjoy nerf will change the Valorant's competitive meta?

Killjoy is one of the agents with a versatile toolkit in Valorant who can cause damage, gather information, and be strong with defense. However, her signature Turret ability has been the reason behind the community's disappointment with the agent, as it compromised competitive integrity, especially in the pistol rounds.

Sidearm weapons are not enough to counter the Turret, which allowed her to dominate the pistol rounds as an agent. Since its release in Valorant Episode 1 Act 2, the Valorant community has accused her Turret's ability to be overpowered during pistol rounds.

Moreover, her bullet tagging caused a major slow down which made it easy to detect the enemies and cause damage to them at the same time. Now, since bullet tagging and slow down has received a high reduction, it might affect the competitive meta.


Killjoy is best known for her signature ability, but this major nerf might affect her pick-up rate in competitive play. Pistol rounds won't be much more difficult after the change, with Killjoy as an opponent. The massive Killjoy nerf in patch 3.05, will allow enemies to encounter with ease and allow players to discover stronger setups.

Many players who demanded the change might be satisfied with the nerfs, but it can make things difficult for the Killjoy mains until they come up with new meta gameplay.

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