Valorant potentially teases new Indian Agent in PBE patch 5.03

Riot Games potentially teases new Valorant agent from Indian origin in PBE 5.03 (Image via Riot Games)
Riot Games potentially teases new Valorant agent from Indian origin in PBE 5.03 (Image via Riot Games)
Pratiti Dhang

Valorant might get a new Indian agent, with Riot Games potentially teasing it in the Range in PBE 5.03.

The developers have brought a diverse set of Valorant agents to the game, representing different ethnicities and fostering cultural diversity. The 5v5 multiplayer FPS game has spread all across the world and garnered immense plaudits. Suffice to say, it has attracted several fans from India as well.

New email on the Range.

The new PBE 5.03 was released on July 29, 2022. Shortly thereafter, Floaxy, a Valorant Dataminer, posted a teasing screenshot of an email from Fade. The message was regarding the Range in PBE 5.03.

The email is used as an in-game interactive object to expand the game's lore and tease the upcoming content. Similarly, this email is possibly hinting at a new agent of Indian origin named Varun Batra.

Riot adds new email on The Range in PBE 5.03, potentially teasing next Valorant agent of Indian origin

The email from Fade talks about the "Legion's new power source," named Varun Batra, who could arrive as a new agent in the game. Legion is a public operation from Omega Earth, and Fade has gathered some intel about their new recruit. The Turkish initiator revealed more about Varun's background and his association with REALM.

As Fade explained in the email, REALM is "a multinational task force recovering historical artifacts from the black market trade." However, she is concerned about Legion hiring an antiquities expert, expressing the same in her email. This potentially hints at the next agent belonging to Omega Earth.

Who is Varun Batra


Varun's name can be closely connected to the Indian Hindu God, "Varuna" - the God of the Oceans. In fact, in Buddhist mythology, the name "Varuna" is translated to the Japanese moniker, "Suiten," which means the God of water. This implies that the next Valorant agent could have a toolkit based on water.

Bringing in a new agent with reference to Indian Vedic mythology will help Indian fans connect with the game, further expanding their playerbase. However, it will be interesting to see how Riot Games' developers will bring authenticity to the character's design.

Previously, Riot has brought in several Asian agents such as Jett (South Korea), Sage (China), Yoru (Japan) and Neon (The Philippines). Building on that precedent, the Indian agent's arrival will make him the fifth Asian on the roster.

No further details have been revealed so far about the new recruit. If the speculations are true, then the Indian agent might arrive soon in the game.

With that being said, more details will be revealed as we come closer to the end of Act 1. Patch 5.03 will soon be released, allowing players to access The Range and the email regarding the Indian Valorant agent. Meanwhile, they can enjoy grinding their battlepass in Episode 5 Act 1.

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