Valorant Prime Gaming Rewards 2022 potentially coming with two new weapon skins

When might be Valorant Prime Gaming Reward 2022 start rolling out (Image via Riot Games)
When might be Valorant Prime Gaming Reward 2022 start rolling out (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games has previously collaborated with Amazon to provide free loot drops to both Valorant and League of Legends players who have their own access to Prime Gaming.

Players get a wide selection of cosmetics to choose from, both free and premium, which can be acquired by spending Valorant Points. However, Valorant does collaborate with Amazon Prime to give its players extra perks through their Prime Gaming reward program.

From tiny gunbuddies to weapon skins, Amazon Prime’s Valorant loot drops have a lot to offer.

According to some sources, Riot Games may offer additional rewards to Prime Gaming subscribers in early 2022 in order to further treat them.

Valorant is getting another collaboration with Prime Gaming in February

ValorLeaks aka Mike, a well-known Valorant leaker on Twitter, recently shared new information about the upcoming collaboration with Amazon. In a tweet made on 27 October 2021, the leaker revealed that the latest Prime Gaming rewards for Valorant would be starting in February 2022.

As of now, the names of the skins and cosmetics included in the Prime Gaming drops are not known. However, the upcoming Prime Gaming collaboration will include two weapon skins, two player cards, four gunbuddies, and four sprays as rewards.

To benefit from this collaboration, players can link their Valorant account to Prime Gaming and enjoy all the advantages from this giveaway. First and foremost, it is mandatory to have a Prime Gaming subscription in order to access these exclusive loot items.

The next step for the players is to link their Riot Games account to their Twitch account.

To link the accounts, players can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Players need to visit the Prime Gaming webpage and enter their Riot Games ID when prompted.

Step 2: They will be redirected to the Prime Gaming page upon completion.

Step 3: If the above steps are completed successfully, players can claim their drops from the website.

After claiming the drops, players can access them in Valorant by going into Collections and equipping the cosmetics received from Amazon.

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