Valorant releases new poster tease for upcoming cinematic "WARM UP"

Riot Games is going to drop another cinematic for Valorant soon with the release of Episode 4 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riot Games is going to drop another cinematic for Valorant soon with the release of Episode 4 (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Valorant is known for its unique storytelling through cinematic videos set in the in-game universe. To give players more insight into Valorant’s next plot, Riot Games is going to release another cinematic video titled “WARM UP,” and lore enthusiasts are already digging it

Currently, the most anticipated topic in Valorant’s lore community is Mirrorverse, which has been hinted through various cinematics in the past.


The upcoming retake might be the missing cinematic that was supposed to be released back in Episode 3, and Riot Games is finally giving the players a first look at the next chapter through this. The cinematic might be releasing with Episode 4 next week and fans are already excited for it.

Valorant is releasing its new cinematic titled “WARM UP”

On January 10, Valorant posted a tweet about their upcoming cinematic through a poster with “WARM UP” written on it. The community has reacted quite positively and is curious about what they will see soon in the game.

The poster features a total of nine agents, namely KAY/O, Sage, Raze, Sova, Yoru, Killjoy, Raze, Cypher, Phoenix, and Jett. So it can be expected that the entire cinematic might be revolving around all these agents and is quite ambitious.

Fans have also noticed a small anomaly in the poster, which shows Killjoy in a different outfit, which might hint towards the mirrorverse.

🔻 New Cinematic: WARM UP 🔻VALORANT just posted promo for the next cinematic! What is that thing in the back 😳| #VALORANT

However, the most notable thing in the poster is the deathly-looking machine at the back that seems to have a red laser looking right at a target. This machine can be related to the Protocol bundle that has been unveiled recently, but that is still something that cannot be said for sure.

Fans have had something to say as well:

🔻 Warm Up 🔻It looks like the robot has a display on front, and it’s displaying Phoenix. Perhaps this is the Agent it’s replicating the abilities of as a training module. I speculate this is preparation for their venture onto Earth-2.

Lore expert, Cynprel, thinks that “WARM UP” will be all about agents training before journeying to Earth-2, and the bot behind them might be a training bot to help them get better at their thing.

Rest assured, gamers can check back here to get all the latest Valorant news, features, and updates.

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