Valorant’s latest Champions 2021 cosmetic bundle announced

What skins are coming with Valorant Champions 2021 bundle (Image via Twitter)
What skins are coming with Valorant Champions 2021 bundle (Image via Twitter)

The Valorant Champions 2021 will be starting from December 1, where 16 of the top esports teams will compete against each other to earn the title of world champions.

For the celebration of the upcoming event, Riot Games is putting out new content for Valorant to help feel the hype. While some content is received through music videos, others are made available in the game itself. Whatever medium the content is released, Riot Games makes no compromises in terms of putting out new content.

Riot Games is bringing a new weapon bundle called Champions 2021 to Valorant aimed at the theme of celebrating the grand tournament.

What is known about Champions 2021 bundle coming to Valorant

The new Valorant Champions 2021 bundle will be made available in the in-game store for a limited time from November 24 to December 12. The reason behind keeping the bundle available for a limited time is that this skin is strictly released for the celebration of Valorant Champions.

As for the content, the players are going to receive one Vandal skin and one karambit knife from the bundle. It is not known what will be the pricing of these weapons skin. However, it won’t be long when that is found out.

Both the weapon skins follow a simple color scheme of black and gold with some hints of red in them. The color scheme is chosen to fit all the elements of the Valorant Champions theme.

They also have an additional VFX for anyone who is top fragging in a team. The VFX shows up as a golden glow around the weapon, which helps to know who is on the top. Another VFX that can be noticed is the Champions text beats when inspected.

Any player who wishes to buy this bundle can do so within this period as this won’t be made available later on both the main store and Night Market. Also, Riot Games has mentioned that 50% of the net proceeds from the skin will be given to participating, which justifies why it will be removed after December 12.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar

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