Valorant's latest Viper animated short reveals more about her personal life and hints towards a new weapon

Deep dive into Viper's daily lifestyle (Image via Riot Games)
Deep dive into Viper's daily lifestyle (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant’s creativity is pretty interactive when extending their lore to give the fans some idea about the in-game world. To provide more depth to its universe, Riot Games has released a short animation featuring Viper, one of the founders of VALORANT Protocol.

Viper is one of the most mysterious agents in the entire game lore-wise. However, she still has a life of her own. The animated short mainly focuses on the Agent’s day-to-day life as a chemist who always follows a measured lifestyle.


This article will examine the cinematic trailer in full detail and focus on tiny details that could be a central plot for the upcoming lore.

Viper’s daily lifestyle revealed through Valorant’s latest animated short

The animated short is titled “SNAKEBITE”, which is the name of one of her abilities. It starts with a green Viper, possibly the agent’s pet that hunts its prey with its poisonous fangs.

Viper is seen in her usual sinister look with jet black hair and venomous green eyes in the next scene. It is known to almost every Valorant enthusiast about the agent’s measured nature, and the same is reflected in the animation as well.

Welcome to her world.Take a peek into the private life of VALORANT's most ruthless Agent.SNAKEBITE: A VIPER'S TALE.

Viper is always methodical and a perfectionist, seen throughout the animated video. The female agent can be seen waking up before time and looking overwhelmed with life. This resonates with Viper’s dark past, which remains a mystery.

To keep up with the job, Viper follows a strict workout routine in her minimalistic apartment, which every agent at Valorant Protocol also follows. The short also emphasizes Viper’s obsession with chemistry even when making a simple thing like coffee.

After all her experiments and dressing up, Viper walks into her armory room, where all types of weapons from the game are present. However, one weapon has a peculiar look, and fans speculate it to be a modified Bucky shotgun.

On the other hand, this could also be a teaser for Viper themed weapon that can be used in a limited-time event like Snowball Fight’s custom launcher. However, this only remains to be speculation as of now.

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