Valorant's next map might be in Australia and based on Skye's lore

The next map might be a floating island set in Australia. (Screengrab via Valorant Year One Anthem video)
The next map might be a floating island set in Australia. (Screengrab via Valorant Year One Anthem video)

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 has been out for a few months now, and the arrival of the next act comes closer with time. Like every new act, Valorant always provides new content such as a map or agent.

Over the course of a year, Valorant released two new maps to the game, Icebox and Breeze. Now that Valorant is already in its second year, there is a huge possibility of getting another map in Episode 3.

Players are growing increasingly excited, as the latest Night Market announcement seems like a teaser for the new map. Fans of Valorant are coming up with lots of theories and lore ideas surrounding this development.

The new Valorant map teaser

Valorant's community is very active when teasers or leaks are involved. In a recent announcement of the Night Market going live, the sharp instincts of fans have detected something very peculiar.

If earlier Night Market announcements are checked, the background of Episode 2 Act 3 featured an environment from the map Breeze. However, if the announcement for Episode 3 Act 1 is looked at closely, the fauna in the background environment is different.

Many fans believe the map is based on Skye and the key location is to be Australia. All these speculations are arising from the Testing Grounds card present in the game.

In the Year One Anthem video for Valorant, a different map was shown in the video: a similar floating island to that of Ascent in Venice. The map has green pastures on one side, and a desert theme like Bind on the other side.

It is too early to get teasers for a map, as Valorant has a tendency to release maps on every third act. Though, if fan theories are correct, this would be a huge success for the Valorant lore community.

Edited by Sabine Algur
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