Valorant's patch 4.03 update set to reduce Deathmatch's spawn time, respawn locations to get reworked as well

New Valorant patch 4.03 update will bring spawn adjustments to Deathmatch. (Image via Riot Games)
New Valorant patch 4.03 update will bring spawn adjustments to Deathmatch. (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant community has demanded for a Deathmatch update to make the game mode interesting for players. Thus, after a long wait, the developers have taken into account community feedback. Thus, in the patch 4.03 update, the developers have aimed to bring just the adjustments to spawning in Deathmatch.

This would resolve some issues related to Deathmatch's spawning system. Once the patch 4.03 update drops, players will respawn further away from the spot they where defeated. Developers have also reduced spawn time in Deathmatch and fixed more issues related to spawn placement.

Valorant's Deathmatch is a beneficial mode for pre-match warm-ups before queueing for competitive matches. However, the community wasn't very satisfied with the Deathmatch experience as it lacked much engagement. As a result, many players go AFK mid-game as well.

Riot Games to bring adjustments to spawn placements and more for Valorant's Deathmatch in patch 4.03

The Valorant community has pointed out various problems arising in Deathmatch. The members also came up with probable solutions to make the game mode more engaging. Developers have worked on the problems raised by the community and have brought some major changes to the game mode.

In a recent blog post, Riot Games talked about collecting player feedback and deciding on making some adjustments to Deathmatch.

"We’ve been collecting player feedback on DM (Deathmatch) these past few months and are introducing a few changes to address some of the main points of frustration around the spawning system."

The spawn adjustments in the patch 4.03 update would make it interesting and solve the issues related to spawn placements. The developers have removed or relcocated the “dangerous” spawn areas.

Alongside that, players will respawn far away from the spot their died last time, preventing the chances of encountering the same enemies. Moreover, reducing the spawn time from 3s to 1.5s will allow the players to engage more rapidly in the game mode. The developers have also fixed an issue where the spawn logic wasn't working in the warm-up phase.

These Deathmatch changes in patch 4.03 are expected to improve the in-game experience for players and make their warm-up phase more valuable.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan